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Betty White’s Los Angeles home that she lived in for 53 years has been demolished to make room for a new mansion.
Betty White cause of death stroke know the signs BE FAST
January 14, 2022
After Betty White’s cause of death was revealed to be a stroke, a health expert explains how it can serve as a reminder to know the signs.
Carol Burnett Betty White husband Allen Ludden cause of death
January 14, 2022
The great Carol Burnett is honoring the late legend Betty White and the “great love” she had with her husband Allen Ludden.
Betty White children
Betty White, who passed away last Saturday, decided to never have children during her long life, and she explained why in 2012.
Dolly Parton Betty White
Country music icon Dolly Parton paid sweet tribute to Betty White after her death, saying that she “will always love her.”
Betty White cause of death agent Jeff Witjas rumors
Jeff Witjas, longtime agent of ‘The Golden Girls’ star Betty White, is sharing what he knows about her cause of death to quash rumors.
Betty White quarantine
Legendary actress Betty White recently turned 99 years old and is keeping herself busy during quarantine by writing letters to friends.