LeBron James school principle resigns
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NBA star LeBron James got some bad news this week when the principal at the I Promise School that he helped launch in Akron, Ohio resigned amid allegations of child abuse.

I Promise School Principal Resigns 

The Akron Beacon Journal reported that Brandi Davis, the first principal of the I PROMISE School, has been on leave since September, which is when the alleged incident reportedly took place.

The school board is set to vote today on her resignation, according to Akron Public Schools spokesman Mark Williamson. While the district has concluded its investigation into the alleged incident, the findings have yet to be released to the public.

Davis was placed on leave three months ago after she was accused of slapping an 11-year-old boy for swearing. The boy’s furious mother said that he was left with a busted lip even though he was wearing a mask when he was slapped.

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Brandi Davis Was Principal At I Promise School For Four Years

Davis has been principal of this school since LeBron launched it four years ago. While the school is a partnership between the district and the LeBron James Family Foundation, Davis is employed by the district.

“We are reigniting dreams that were extinguished — already in third and fourth grade,” Davis said two years ago, according to The New York Times. “We want to change the face of urban education.”

Davis went on to talk about her desire to teach the children “how to love.” The mother of the boy she allegedly slapped had been openly calling for her to be fired.

“We looked at you all as family,” she said of the school to the Beacon Journal back in September. 

“I don’t hate her, because everybody makes mistakes, but this is serious when it comes to a child being assaulted,” she added of Davis. “I would never hit my kids in the mouth to where their lip is busted.”

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LeBron James’ Foundation Responds

At the time, the LeBron James Family Foundation responded to the incident with a brief statement. 

“We are family, and that means we support every one of our I PROMISE educators, students, and family members through anything they may be going through,” the statement read. “In this and in every case, we will always do everything we can to make sure all are loved and supported during these times as we learn and grow as a family.”

LeBron James himself has yet to comment on the allegations or resignation. That didn’t sit well with some fans:

This is undoubtedly the last kind of thing that the NBA star wants his name tied to. 

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