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Rumors swirled for months that Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey was contemplating a run for governor of Texas before he definitively withdrew his metaphorical hat at the end of November. Now, Matthew McConaughey is opening up about how politics has “never been a dream” for him and instead proudly promotes his roles as a family man and star of Sing 2.

Full Story: Matthew McConaughey Reveals If He’s Running For Governor Of Texas

McConaughey first revealed his decision not to run for Texas governor in the video below.

Politics Has ‘Never Been A Dream’ For Matthew McConaughey

When asked about his potential future in politics, McConaughey told Extra, “It’s never been a dream on my list… But going forward, leading and serving in the best way I can possible is something that’s going to help fulfill whatever dream it is I’m after. Sure, that’s part of the dream. Where that will be in what position? I don’t know in the future.”

McConaughey went on to reveal that he dreams about being best friends with his three kids when they grow up. 

“In 30 years, if you’re asking my three kids, ‘Name your five best friends,’ that I will be on one of those fingers,” he gushed.

McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves are parents to three children: Levi, 13, Vida, 11, and Livingston, 8.

The Hollywood A-lister continues to differentiate himself from his celebrity peers with his common sense principles and traditional family values. A true Texas, McConaughey isn’t afraid to call out the “radical left” and even likes to keep it old school in household.

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Matthew McConaughey Reprises Role In Family-Friendly Film Sing 2

Doubling down on his family man bid, the father of 3’s latest role is in an animated musical-comedy sequel. McConaughey says he enjoyed reprising his lead role in the new movie Sing 2, which is a project his children can enjoy watching as well.

“I’m voicing a koala named Buster Moon who’s got to put the show on by hook or by crook — by any means necessary. The show must get to that stage. That’s fun. He’s a hustler. He’s a salesman. He’s a showman,” McConaughey explained.

“The fact is for my kids, the fact that my kids can see the fact that now I’m a little bit cooler at the dinner table because I’m Buster Moon. I haven’t made any [movies] they can see, so it’s nice to go make something that they can see, anyone can see… Feels good,” the Sing 2 star continued.

Here’s a fun look at McConaughey’s Sing character Buster Moon for those of you who missed out on the first installment:

McConaughey’s Sage Advice 

During this same interview, McConaughey offered some advice to his fans. 

“One little trick that I found that helps is to anticipate it being harder for longer than it’s actually gonna be,” he said. “Look, COVID times, I tried to tell myself it was gonna be five years… trying to think about whatever race it is you’re in, think of it more like a marathon and that the finish line is so far up. All of a sudden, you cross it one day, you’re like, ‘Oh, I could have kept going.’”

God bless Matthew McConaughey for continuing to show the world that Hollywood stars can still be level-headed and family men too! 

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