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The latest backstage news involves the AEW locker room and who dresses where. Also, WWE nixed the idea of an all fame Undisputed Era.

Backstage News On AEW Locker Room

In a matter of a few months, the landscape of AEW has changed. The additions of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson have made a major difference. 

Those two can be spotted almost every week on AEW TV. Also, they have already worked some big programs.

With the changes, it has people wondering about the backstage environment in AEW. While speaking on PW Torch, Wade Keller went into some details.

Punk is one of the few wrestlers with his own locker room. The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin also have their own rooms.

Although, Punk is said be very open to listening to others. So, as for Danielson, he uses the the same changing room as everyone else.

“Punk is isolating himself in AEW in the sense that he has his own locker room,” said Keller. Cody has his own locker room.” 

“Bryan Danielson by the way changes with everyone else. He doesn’t have his own locker room.” 

“Punk does have his own locker room. Now for whatever it’s worth so does Darby.”

“Some people just want to be with themselves and other people are more social. And Punk has long established that.”

Meanwhile, there are few complaints in AEW. Ex WWE superstars are taking spots, but they also bring the product to new fans.

Female Undisputed Era Nixed

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

On AEW Dynamite, people saw a familiar sight. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly stood side by side in an AEW ring.

Seeing the three is nothing new. For several years, they were attached at the hip as the Undisputed Era. 

First, Cole left as his contract expired. It was followed by Fish being released and then O’Reilly leaving. 

Therefore, only Roderick Strong is left and he was not even an original member of the group. So, we will have to see what Cole, Fish and O’Reilly produce in AEW.

The Undisputed Era was so successful, there was hope of a new version being established. While speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Deonna Purrazzo revealed a pitch for a female version of the stable.

“Me, Chelsea, and Rachael Ellering pitched being like a female Undisputed Era, Shield type thing,” said Purrazzo. “I pitched a ton of ideas.” 

“They had me lose a couple of times on TV, I pitched losing and making that a thing until I snapped. ‘I don’t even need to win, just let me keep the armbar and get disqualified and that can set up with this babyface.’” 

“I would do extra promos and film stuff at home. At the end of the day, I put every bit of me into that place to make it work it and it didn’t.” 

In the end, all three women were released by WWE and now work for Impact Wrestling. So far, they seem to be doing well.

Basically, WWE had no plans for them in NXT or on the main roster.