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AEW Flaming Table Spot Explained, Brock Lesnar Return Changed

We are know learning who pushed for AEW to have a flaming table spot on Dynamite. And, Brock Lesnar's upcoming WWE return was changed.

AEW Dynamite concluded with a rare moment for the company as they did a flaming table spot. Also, Brock Lesnar’s upcoming return was slightly changed by WWE.

AEW Flaming Table Spot Explained

The ending of AEW dynamite this week was literally fire. As Cody Rhodes sat on the top turnbuckle with Andrade El Idolo, Brandi Rhodes lit the table on fire.

Then, Rhodes and Andrade went through the table as flames went everywhere. Cody won, but the spot got everyone talking.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cody wanted to do something special because they were in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Hence, the wild bump at the end that nobody saw coming.

Last time AEW and Cody were in the area, he also went extreme. That saw AEW’s first cage match, with Cody winning via moonsault off the top of the steel structure onto Wardlow.  

Upon replay, it does like Cody took the worst of the fire as Andrade did not land too much on the table. He showed some of the nasty burns after the match on social media.

Brock Lesnar Return Changed

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Brock Lesnar took a long hiatus from WWE following WrestleMania 36. His contract was up and the pandemic was going strong, so he sat at home.

Then, WWE slowly started bringing back fans. So, of course, it was time for Lesnar to return by closing SummerSlam.

A little later and he lost his first match back to Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel. The ending saw outside interference and Paul Heyman not picking a clear superstar to support. 

Naturally, Lesnar did not like what happened at Crown Jewel. So, he attacked Reigns weeks ago on SmackDown and also put his hands on officials.

As a result, he was suspended and fined in the storyline. Now, WWE has lifted the suspension and Lesnar is heading back to TV.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE had different plans for Lesnar’s return. Instead of returning from suspension, he would simply purchase a seat.

“Originally he was still going to be suspended and would do the deal where he bought a ticket to attend the Los Angeles show,” the report stated. “But, the 11/26 Smackdown show was built around Braxton ending the show announcing that Lesnar’s suspension was lifted while Pearce acted shocked that Reigns and company also were.”

Lesnar is also scheduled for next week’s SmackDown as he continues the feud with Reigns. The belief is the angle could end at WrestleMania 38 as the main event.

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