WWE NXT Zoey Stark
Source: WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

Toxic Attraction members Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin attacked Zoey Stark this week on WWE NXT. The duo ambushed her backstage. Stark was lying on the floor, seemingly suffering from a left knee injury.

WWE NXT Zoey Stark Injured

As per a report from POST Wrestling, the storyline was written up because Zoey is, in fact, injured. While NXT officials are aware the Stark is hurt, the severity of it is unknown at this time.

Stark, along with partner lo Shirai, lost the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles to Jayne and Dolin at Halloween Havoc. It was a triple-threat “Scareway to Hell” Ladder match, where Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell also competed.

In the end, Dolin and Jayne scored the titles. It was a huge night for Toxic Attraction, as Mandy Rose also won the NXT Women’s Championship at the event.

More On WWE NXT Zoey Stark

Before entering NXT, Stark worked the indie wrestling scene for a number of years. She entered the WWE in January of this year.

After coming to NXT, Zoey and lo Shirai had a match. Stark would earn the respect of her competitor, after the bout.

Stark turned babyface and it led to NXT gold. She and Shirai would score the NXT Women’s tag titles at the American Bash.

It was at that point in time they defeated Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae. Zoey and lo held the championships for over three months, which is a pretty solid run.

At the age of 27, here’s hoping Stark has a speedy recovery. She’s made an impact on NXT over the past year and has a bright future ahead.

Speaking of bright futures, Juice Robinson is a talent that seems to be going places. But with his NJPW deal up soon, will he jump to another promotion or re-sign with his current employer?

NJPW Juice Robinson’s Contract To Expire

Fightful Select is reporting that Juice Robinson’s deal with NJPW is about to expire. In fact, if he doesn’t sign a new contract, he’ll be a “free agent” by January 2022.

WWE NXT Zoey Stark

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

According to the report, there are no negotiations that have started between NJPW and Robinson, as of yet. Fightful notes they did hear from one source that they expect Juice to get “multiple offers”.

Juice Robinson’s History

Juice Robinson was with WWE NXT from 2012 to 2015. He worked the indie circuit, including Ring of Honor, between 2015 to 2019.

In 2019, he signed a multi-year deal with NJPW. As of now, his time with that promotion is ticking away.

During his time with New Japan Pro Wrestling, he also was given the liberty to work with Impact. He took that opportunity and ran with it.

He was able to score Impact’s Tag Team titles, along with David Finlay. Unfortunately, Juice/Finn hasn’t been seen much in the promotion, as of late.

Could that all change, come January 2022? During Juice’s time at NJPW, he was the IWGP US Heavyweight title, the IWGP Tag Title (with Finlay), and the World Tag League (with Finlay).

What’s next for Robinson, after his NJPW contract expires? Only time will tell!