Keith Lee WWE Release
Source: @HeelBalor, Twitter, Screenshot

Keith Lee, along with 17 other WWE superstars including Mia Yim (Lee’s fiance) were let go this past Thursday. Lee recently reacted to his WWE release, issuing a statement. More below.

Keith Lee On His WWE Release

Keith Lee recently jumped on Twitter to talk about his WWE release. It also happened to be his 37th birthday.

However, as Lee noted, it was the happiest of birthdays he’s celebrated. He talked about being let go from the WWE in a tweet.

He also touches on his absence from the ring earlier in 2021. Keith missed about six months of action because of heart issues.

It’s important to note that Lee paid for all medical expenses linked to his in-ring absence. The WWE did not have to deal with any costs.

He closes the tweet by saying he’s capable of more than the fans have seen. Plus, he looks forward to what’s ahead.

More On Keith Lee & His WWE Release

Lee ended the tweet by captioning the post and thanking fans for all the “positivity” that’s been given to him as of late. Much like most WWE superstars, Lee is under a 90-day non-compete clause with the WWE.

This means he becomes a “free agent” in early February. He’s one of many WWE superstars that have been let go in 2021.

After trying to get into the WWE for years, Lee signed a deal in 2018. He entered the land of NXT at that time.

Keith became NXT Champion and NXT North American Champion during his tenure with the then black and gold brand. Lee made his main roster debut in the summer of 2020.

Lee was supposed to work the Elimination Chamber event in February 2021. However, he was pulled from the PPV “due to an injury”.

It was later revealed he had COVID-19. He suffered heart inflammation as a result of the illness.

Speaking of released superstars, Chelsea Green was also a talent let go earlier this year. However, she’s already onto other projects.

Chelsea Green “In Talks” With Playboy

After leaving the WWE, Chelsea Green made it known that she wanted to work with Barstool Sports and Playboy.

Sounds like one of those endeavors could come to fruition, sooner rather than later.

Keith Lee WWE Release

Source: Ringside News, Twitter, Screenshot

During the latest Green with Envy show, Chelsea states she is close to signing a deal with Playboy over some digital content. As she puts it, she’s in “talks” with Playboy again for some “fun stuff”.

According to Green, it’s not a photoshoot. Rather, it’s digital content.

She adds she’s quite excited. It sounds like some interesting things are happening for Green, post-WWE.

More Endeavors On The Horizon For Green

During that recent show, Chelsea also chats about being in talks with another organization regarding expanding her podcast.

She notes it’s not Barstool she’s talking to. Green also states she did reach out to them.

However, she has not received any response. Therefore, she’s decided to move on.

With that said, the opportunity with Playboy and growing her podcast seems interesting. Her post-WWE career is shaping up nicely.