Kevin Owens Day 1
Source: Wrestling Maniac, Twitter, Screenshot

Last night on RAW, Kevin Owens was added to the WWE title match at the Day 1 pay-per-view (PPV). What’s the reasoning behind this triple threat bout? WNZ has the answers to this, below.

Why Kevin Owens Was Added To Day 1

Dave Meltzer notes WWE’s reasoning behind adding Owens to the WWE Championship match on Wrestling Observer Radio. As Kevin might be on his way out of the company, he can be pinned during the bout.

This allows for the Seth Rollins versus Big E. program to roll on after this match. If Owens is defeated, Rollins and Big E. will continue to look strong.

More On Why Kevin Owens Was Added To Day 1

In addition, it’s an opportunity to lengthen the Rollins/Big E. feud. Therefore, adding Owens “makes sense”.

Dave states that Kevin Owens’s WWE contract is up at the end of January 2022. Whether he’ll end up staying with the company or leaving is unknown at this time.

WWE’s Day 1 PPV is taking place on January 1st of next year. It’s a new event added to the company’s PPV lineup.

KO has done a lot since he entered the WWE in 2014. He’s been NXT Champion, Universal Champ, held the IC title two times, and the U.S. Championship three times.

Speaking of last night’s RAW, two promos rubbed fans the wrong way. One dealt with Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan, while the other had to do with Edge.

WWE RAW Promos Ruffles Feathers

During a segment between Lynch and Morgan, Liv blamed Becky’s “big” WWE contract as the reason her friends Sarah Logan and Ruby Soho were let go. Meanwhile, Edge mentioned John Morrison’s release.

Kevin Owens Day 1

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Edge notes during a promo that Miz went off to Dancing With The Stars while Morrison got fired. Many fans felt that using released superstars in storylines in this way was distasteful.

The talent released lost work. Their employment helped pay to support their families.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp was in contact with several individuals connected with the WWE who found these promo angles to be inappropriate.

Current and Former Talent Don’t Approve

As per Sapp, he had former WWE wrestlers, producers, and a current talent that thought it was in bad taste. A number of them contacted him to give their opinions.

Sometimes it can be fun to blur the lines of fiction and reality in pro wrestling. It’s nothing new.

However, as some talents were stunned by their releases, and still reeling from the news, many felt it was a low-ball way to connect with fans. Especially in today’s economic climate.

In fact, some talent is still scrambling to find jobs. It may be “easy” for some wrestlers to pick up and find new jobs, but not for all.

In addition, some may never wrestle again because of what’s happened. All in all, these segments ruffled the feathers of many past and present workers within the industry, plus viewers.

It’s great to be “edgy” and the WWE has never shied away from controversy. However, talent releases this year have left a bad taste in many mouths.