Queen Elizabeth Sends Message To Barbados After It Cut Ties With The UK To Become A Republic

Queen Elizabeth is speaking out after Barbados cut ties with her to become a republic on Monday in an official ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth sends her regards to Barbados as the country becomes the world’s newest republic after cutting ties with both her and the United Kingdom. 

Queen Congratulates Barbados

People Magazine reported that Barbados cut all ties with the Queen yesterday in an official ceremony that saw Barbados President Sandra Mason, who had previously been governor-general, be declared head of state.

The Queen penned a letter to Mason in which she congratulated her and her country for what they are doing.

“On this significant occasion and your assumption of office as the first president of Barbados, I extend my congratulations to you and all Barbadians,” the Queen wrote.

“Over the years, our countries have enjoyed a partnership based on common values, shared prosperity, and close collaboration on a wide range of issues, including recent work on climate change,” she added. “It is also a source of great satisfaction that Barbados remains an active participant within the Commonwealth, and I look forward to the continuation of the friendship between our two countries and peoples.”

The Queen concluded her letter by offering her “warmest wishes.” She wrote, “As you celebrate this momentous day, I send you and all Barbadians my warmest good wishes for your happiness, peace and prosperity in the future,” and signing the letter, “Elizabeth R.”  

Take a look at the ceremony:

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Barbados Cuts Ties With Britain

Barbados first gained independence from Britain in 1966. It announced two months ago that it would be removing the Queen as head of state.

“The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind,” Mason told Parliament last month, according to Fox News

The Queen did not attend Monday’s ceremony, instead sending her son Prince Charles to represent her at the engagement. This marks the first time a senior member of the royal family has attended a handover engagement of this nature.

Charles gave a speech during the ceremony in which he discussed the role Britain played in the slave trade and the country’s part in trafficking people from Africa, Barbados, and the Caribbean.

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‘From The Darkest Days Of Our Past…’

“From the darkest days of our past, and the appalling atrocity of slavery, which forever stains our history, the people of this island forged their path with extraordinary fortitude,” Charles said.

“Emancipation, self-government and independence were your way-points. Freedom, justice and self-determination have been your guides,” he added. “Your long journey has brought you to this moment, not as your destination, but as a vantage point from which to survey a new horizon.”

As per usual, the Queen could not have handled this situation in a more graceful way. We wish Barbados the best of luck moving forward as a republic.

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