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Divorces can be messy. Sometimes literally. “In The Air Tonight” performer Phil Collins is learning that. In response to allegations that he refused to take a shower or brush his teeth for a year, Phil Collins will answer questions under oath. His ex-wife, Orianne Bates, is suing the drummer for 50 percent of the Miami Beach home they shared.

The ‘Genesis’ frontman vigorously denies the allegations.

In response, the singer’s lawyers called the allegations:

“scandalous, scurrilous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated”.

His ex-wife also claims that Collins abused drugs and alcohol.

Collins, however, was open about his substance abuse while battling debilitating neck pain that forced him to retire from touring and even from recording new music.

But accusing the music legend of not showering or brushing his teeth for a year? That seems…extreme.

I also don’t see how it has any bearing on the court’s decision as to whether Bates deserves half. 

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Phil Collins Trends On Twitter

I refuse to allow a story about Collins going full Howard Hughes to stand on its own.

So let’s celebrate the man with some of his greatest hits and memories.

As luck would have it, Collins recently trended on social media after ESPN created a compilation video of NFL stars singing his hit song “In The Air Tonight”:

I think we’ve all played the air drums during this song.

Anytime I see a celebrity trending I get a little pause in my throat. Especially if it is an aging legend like Phil Collins. Thankfully, in this case, the trend was all positive.

I love all of his work going back to Genesis. The man has had quite the career.

Transitioning from avant-garde prog rock to mainstream pop star without the traditional pop looks.

He even became an award-winning movie soundtrack writer. Who doesn’t get a little emotional listening to “You’ll Be In My Heart” From Tarzan

Of course, his work wasn’t all ballads and anthems. He once played the drums for Black Sabbath.

Phil Collins Loves The Alamo

Random fact: Collins is one of the foremost collectors of Alamo memorabilia and donated his collection to the battle site.

He was even made an honorary Texan for his contributions.

What a guy.

I don’t even care if the shower thing is true. The guy is Phil Collins, if he doesn’t want to shower he doesn’t need to shower.

Maybe he just took a dust bath like a chinchilla? Or maybe we should leave the old guy alone and let him play the drums in peace.

Let’s end this by watching his best music video, “Take Me Home”. Does anyone else watch this and then want to travel around the world?

Share your favorite Phil Collins memory in the comment section below.

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