Mike Rowe Says Americans Take Essential Work ‘For Granted’ – Explains Why 11 Million Open Jobs Is No Mystery

Mike Rowe said that Americans take essential work for granted as he explained why 11 million open jobs is no mystery under Biden policies.

America is currently in a crisis as U.S. workers are leaving their jobs as a result of varies policies imposed by Joe Biden and his administration. These policies exacerbate the nation’s gap in filling essential jobs, and former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe says the reason why is no mystery. 

Mike Rowe Talks Essential Workers, Jobs & Skills Gap In America

Rowe told Fox News that the issue at hand here is that Americans have always turned a blind eye to blue collar careers, which he feels has become a huge problem.

“There’s something in us… where we begin to resent the very thing we rely upon,” he said. “This whole problem, this disconnect, this skills gap – 11 million open jobs – this isn’t a mystery. This is a reflection of what we value.”

Rowe went on to explain that he’s spent most of his career trying to open Americans’ eyes by bringing workers to the forefront who are “out of sight, out of mind.”

With airlines being hit with staff shortages that have slowed travel times, Rowe said that Americans are seeing just how important the blue collar behind-the-scenes jobs really are.

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‘We Take Them For Granted’

“We’re not properly gobsmacked when we turn on the switch and the lights come on or when we flush the toilet and it all goes away,” he said. “And it’s not a great mystery why our kids aren’t eager to fill these positions. We take them for granted ourselves.”

Rowe then said that Biden and other leaders in this country have not taken into account how their policies will influence day-to-day operation.

He added that while American parents might be gracious to blue collar workers, they don’t encourage their children to get into trade careers, which he feels is a huge mistake. 

“They’re not quite so sure that there’s a six-figure career in welding,” he said. “Well, guess what? There is.”

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Mike Rowe Respects Hard Work, Essential Workers, Trades

Rowe told Fox Business in another recent interview that he learned to respect hard work from a young age, as his parents were school teachers and his grandfather was a skilled tradesman.

“He could take your watch apart, put it together blindfolded,” he said of his grandfather. “He could build a house without a blueprint. He was that guy… He built the church I grew up in, my Pop did.”

This is what led him to host “Dirty Jobs,” a show that he describes as “a love letter to work.”

“The key to ‘Dirty Jobs’ was to stop being a host and start being the guest,” he continued. “That’s what I learned in the sewer… My job is to learn. And you can’t learn unless you’re humble.”

If only there were more celebrities out there like Mike Rowe. Public figures who use their celebrity to promote the concept of hard work and blue collar workers.

God bless you, Mike Rowe! Share if you agree America’s blue collar workers are essential and undervalued.

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