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Fans wanted to know Mike Rowe’s opinion on student loan forgiveness as a longtime proponent of trade jobs and a decrier of the “outrageous rise of college tuition”. Well, the former “Dirty Jobs” host finally weighed in and dealt Democrats some serious comeuppance with his compelling counterargument.

Mike Rowe Does NOT Support Student Loan Forgiveness

Top Democrats are looking to wipe out hundreds of billions in college debt. Debt forgiveness was a key 2020 Biden/Harris platform that they adopted from their more socialist leaning Democrat peers.

But here’s the rub – Rowe doesn’t want blue collar Americans to be saddled with the debt of college elites. In fact, he doesn’t think any American should be responsible for another individual’s choice to rack up college loans.

Rowe says that’s unfair to those who planned for college responsibly or who never even went to college. Tuition is not cheap.

Some college students graduate with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in debt. 

Others’ parents scrimp and save for years to be able to send their children to college.

Then others skip college entirely because of the price tag or different career goals.

So wiping out the student debt of those who didn’t plan responsibly is a slap to those who did.

Mike Rowe Continues To Champion For Blue Collar Americans

As a defecto champion for blue collar Americans, Rowe often promotes the importance of trade schools.

He understands college is great for some but it’s not for everyone and with today’s tremendous price tag for tuition, we need to ask if it’s even worth it.

Wiping the debt clear of those who didn’t consider the price tag is unfair to those who did. It is asking the poor and middle class to subside those with tremendous income potential because of their prestigious degrees.

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Rowe believes others should not bear the long term consequences of the cost of out of control college tuition. That responsibility belongs to the person in the mirror who took out the loans.

“You were quite possibly sold a bill of goods. You were very likely pressured by your friends, your parents, or your guidance counselor, to attend the ‘right’ school. You were perhaps a victim of this persistent, pernicious, and preposterous push to peddle a four-year degree to every person with a pulse, and for that, you have my sympathy,” the “Dirty Jobs” star said in his Facebook post.

“But that’s not my fault. Nor is it the fault of the American people. The fault belongs to you, and so does the debt,” he continued.

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How Student Loan Forgiveness Ties To The Culture War In America

Rowe linked to a National Review story that college debt forgiveness is a battle in the culture war between the haves and the have nots.

From a political perspective, it appears the Democrats are attempting to pay back their elite liberal voters. It also highlights the shift in party dynamics.

Trump Republicans have changed and brought more middle class voters to the Republican Party, much like Reagan Democrats, while the elites are trending blue. 

You can read Mike Rowe’s entire Facebook post about about student loan forgiveness below.

Mike Rowe fans will cheer that he will be returning with a new television show that highlights how connected we all are.

It seems there is much division, but Rowe is going to show us how much we have in common on “Six Degrees with Mike Rowe” coming to Discovery+. 

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