LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About The ‘Holy’ Inspiration Behind Her New Album ‘God’s Work’

"Masked Singer" champ LeAnn Rimes is preparing to release a new album, "God's Work," twenty-five years after she gave the world "Blue".

Country music sensation LeAnn Rimes, who recently won “Masked Singer”, is gearing up to release her next studio album “God’s Work” early next year. It’s been over 25 years since the vocal powerhouse dropped her first album “Blue” at the young age of 14. Now at 39, LeAnn Rimes says spent the past three years parenting and  working hard on new songs for her “inspirational” upcoming album.

The world was stunned by the triumphant return of country music sweetheart LeAnn Rimes as the Sun on season 4 of the “Masked Singer” last year. It’s such a treat to see her smiling face on our television screens again.

LeAnn Rimes Discusses Her New Album ‘God’s Work’ 

In a new interview with Fox News, Rimes was asked about naming her title “God’s Work.”

“I think the title speaks to, I think, what we’re all here to do if we so choose,” she replied. “It is a bit of an inspirational record. I actually have ‘God’s Work’ tattooed on my arm because I do believe that we are all a part of that and here to put down the doctrine and our own beliefs of duality and our differences and actually love one another and create a new world.”

“And that really is what the record is about – music speaking to the times and the importance of each and every one of our places in creating a better world for one another,” Rimes added. “So yeah, it’s a deep record and it was really fun to create. We’re almost finished with it and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

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Themes Of LeAnn Rimes’ New Music 

As for the themes that Rimes will be covering with her new songs, she said, “I’m a full believer that we are human and there is so much beauty in our humanity and we are completely holy at the same time. And to be able to embrace both sides of that coin is what makes us whole.”

When it comes to who gets to hear her new music, that honor always goes to Rimes’ husband, Eddie Cibrian (“CSI:Miami) “because we have a piano in the center of the house. And so we write a lot here. So he will usually hear the whole process.”

“If I finish a song that day and he’s like humming it, then I’ve done my job,” she continued. “He always there listening and he’s so cute. Somebody the other day was saying, the best part of watching my show is watching him watch me, which is so sweet. He really gets into it. He’s super, super supportive. And he’ll let me know what he feels about [songs]. I love that. I love having that honest communication.”

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She Wants To Bring People Together 

In the end, Rimes is hoping that her new album will bring people together at a time when we are more divided than ever. 

“I get to use my voice in different ways to connect with people,” she said. “I feel like what I’m here to do, you know, like the celebrity and the music and all of that is an added bonus to what we’re really here to do with each other, right? [We’re here] to connect and for that vulnerability to be what connects us.”

As a mother to two sons, Mason (17) and Jake (13), it’s no surprise that she’d like to see her boys living in a better world.

“God’s Work” will be dropping some time in early 2022, with no exact date being named at this time. We can’t wait to hear the inspirational new music that Rimes has spent years working so hard on! 

If you need a LeAnn Rimes fix now, check out her incredible rendition of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” on “Masked Singer”. This will make anyone’s day!

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