Carrie Underwood Gospel album
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On Friday, country music star Carrie Underwood dropped her new Gospel album “My Savior.” To mark the occasion, she’s speaking up to reveal that the album includes songs she grew up singing in church in Oklahoma.

Underwood Releases New Album

“I’m lucky enough that I feel like I’ve been making spiritual music along the way in my career,” Underwood told the Associated Press. “I love the sassy stuff and I love to get an attitude and get dressed up and do all that stuff. But it’s so nice to be able to sing songs like this.”

Check out the trailer for “My Savior” below. 

She says hymns and Gospel music helped shape her as an artist because those were the first sons she sang.

Underwood also realized it would be tougher than she thought it would be to sing the songs by herself. 

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Underwood Stayed Busy During The Pandemic

Underwood kept busy during the past year recording both this album and her Christmas album, which she called “My Gift.”

“It’s such a great time to just really slow down and be super intentional about what I’m doing,” Underwood said. “It’s not about the bigger, better thing. It’s about the smaller thing, the thing that’s inside of me.”

Underwood’s new Gospel album includes the song “Softly and Tenderly.” That song brought both her and the crowd to tears when she performed it at the Country Music Association Awards show in 2017.

She sang it during the in memoriam segment that honored victims of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival.

“In that moment that I sang that song, I feel like it provided such a peace in the room and it allowed everybody to be emotional and to be stirred inside themselves,” Underwood recalled.

Carrie Underwood joined Hoda and Jenna on Today. take a look:

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Underwood Raising Her Sons To Love God

Last year, Underwood talked about how she shares her faith with her two young sons.

“I want our children to think just above everything, this goes for everybody everywhere too, you are loved and you are wanted,” she said, according to Taste Of Country. “There are some not-too-great things that happen in the world and happen within families, and we are all flawed, and our flaws I think sometimes ripple out onto everybody else.”

“But through everything I want the people in my life that I love to know that they are loved by God, they’re wanted,” she added. “If I could just make everybody feel that they are loved, I feel like that’s my job.”

These days, it’s rare to find a celebrity that is as open about their Christian faith as Underwood is.

God bless her for releasing a brand new faith-based album.