Kid Rock Drops Epic New Song ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’

Kid Rock new song
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Legendary musician and entertainer Kid Rock dropped an epic new song on Friday that conservatives everywhere are sure to love.

‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live

The Detroit Free Press reported that in his new song “Don’t Tell Me How To Live,” Kid Rock rants against “woke” culture and the mainstream media in a time when “every opinion has a millennial offended.”

“I’m the last of a few still screaming ‘F— you,’” he raps at one point in the song.

Kid Rock teamed up with the Canadian hard-rock band Monster Truck to record this tune, which will remind fans of the rocker’s “Devil Without A Cause” phase of his career.

He first debuted a version of this song during a livestream celebrating his 50th birthday in January. He said at the time that he wrote the song to vent his frustrations over constantly being attacked by the cancel culture mob for his political beliefs.

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The music video for this song features Kid Rock wearing a shirt that says “social media sucks” as he holds a bottle of alcohol while riding a flying middle finger over Mount Rushmore and into outer space.

Check out the music video for yourself below. 

COVID-19 Gave Kid Rock Some Free Time To Write

Kid Rock has said that the COVID-19 pandemic gave him plenty of time to write new music, saying, “I haven’t this much time to work on music since my first record.”

He went on to say that this year, he had been planning to release a 50-song triple-album that would have been made up of 10 hip-hop tracks, 10 rock tracks, 10 country tracks, and 20 previously unreleased cuts.

There would also have been an accompanying tour that would have started at Ford Field in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Unfortunately, the pandemic pushed all of these plans to 2022. While no touring dates have been announced, Kid Rock has hinted that this next tour may very well be his last. 

“I will say that’ll be the last time you can see me at my peak,” he said.

Kid Rock’s Friendship With Trump 

Kid Rock has long been one of the few openly conservative entertainers out there, and he considers former President Donald Trump to be a personal friend.

The rocker even described Trump as “down-to-earth and cool” after they played golf together at one point during his presidency. 

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Millions of Americans will agree with Kid Rock that cancel culture has gone way too far, and that young people get way too offended by things these days.

That’s why nobody should be surprised if “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” ends up being a smash hit!