Kid Rock Nashville t-shirts
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Kid Rock is reportedly selling “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirts at the Nashville Fairground Speedway where he has been named as the Grand Marshal for the US Tank All American 400. 

Kid Rock Selling ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Shirts

Kid Rock promoted the shirts on Facebook, saying that they will be, “on sale this weekend at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway!”

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Kid Rock To Be Grand Marshal At Racing Event

It was announced earlier this week that Kid Rock would be the grand marshal for the event. The 3-day, October 29 – 31, event will include over 200 of the country’s best drivers in 10 different divisions of racing. 

“Kid Rock is one of the greatest performers of all time,” STL Racing said in a statement. “Holding records for sold out crowds throughout the country. He has solidified himself as the hardest rocking man on the planet. With top songs ‘Bawitdaba,’ ‘Cowboy,’ ‘Cocky,’ and ‘All Summer Long.’ Kid Rock has the ability to navigate multiple genres of music and has mastered them all.”

“No one would be a better fit for one of the most entertaining race weekends Nashville has to offer,” the statement continued. “On top of being the Grand Marshal, Kid Rock’s Rock and Roll Steakhouse will also be the Official Honky Tonk of the US Tank All American 400.”

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway Promoter Bob Sargent also released a statement about Kid Rock.

“We are excited to have Kid Rock serve as Grand Marshal for what is one of the greatest short track racing weekends in the country,” he said. “Adding his support really speaks to the magnitude of the event. It’s amazing to bring in dignitaries like Kid Rock to stand next to some of the best short track drivers in the country.”

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Kid Rock Pro-Trump – Anti-Biden

Kid Rock has long been one of the few celebrities to openly support Donald Trump and condemn Joe Biden, so it comes as no surprise that he’s hopping on the “Let’s Go Brandon” train.

During Trump’s presidency, Kid Rock even spent time with him at the White House, and played golf with him. 

Back in June of 2019, Kid Rock described Trump as “down-to-earth and cool,” while reflecting on his “awesome” round of golf he played with the then-president at the Detroit Golf Club in March, where they talked politics among “everything else.”

“I always thought Obama was cool as (expletive). I didn’t like his politics, but I’m like: That’s one cool (expletive). You kind of have to be for president,” Rock said at the time. “Trump was just off the map, I have to say. And that’s politics aside.” 

It will certainly be interesting to see if Kid Rock has anything to say about politics when he Grand Marshals this event! 

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