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Jon Moxley Buries WWE’s Kevin Dunn, Big Team Splitting Up Soon

In the new book, MOX, Jon Moxley shares an interesting story about WWE's Kevin Dunn. Plus, a popular tag team is breaking up.

Jon Moxley released MOX earlier this month, and many fans are enjoying the book. In one section of it, the former AEW World Champion shares his thoughts on WWE’s Kevin Dunn. Spoiler alert, Moxley’s not a fan.

Jon Moxley Buries WWE’s Kevin Dunn

The Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, Kevin Dunn isn’t everyone’s favorite. Few people in the industry have anything good to say, and one of those “haters” is Jon Moxley.

Moxley buried Dunn in some pages of MOX. He didn’t hold back one bit.

Jon unleashes on Kevin for how he deals with another talent, and details experiences with him. Moxley even wonders why Dunn has a position with the WWE.

Jon Moxley Goes Into Detail About Kevin Dunn

In one section of the book, Moxley shares how Dunn spread lies about him with the office. Apparently, Jon had a meeting with Kevin where he (Moxley) apologized for a situation.

The two talked and seemingly cleared the air. However, according to Jon, Kevin ran to the rest of the office right after their discussion and implied that Moxley didn’t offer a sufficient apology.

There’s plenty of profanity within the exert, and Moxley ended the story by saying “F&#k Kevin Dunn”. Will Jon’s MOX tale open the door for others to speak out about Dunn?

Jon Moxley worked as “Dean Ambrose” in the WWE. He was with the company from 2011 to 2019.

During his tenure, Ambrose did it all. He was a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion, and 2016 Mr. Money in the Bank.

He became All Elite in 2019 and has been with AEW since. Moxley has enjoyed some incredible storylines and success with the company.

Speaking of WWE news, the word is that a major tag team is splitting up. Find out more details, down below.

Big Team Splitting Up Soon

Rey and Dominik Mysterio make a great tag team. In fact, Rey has helped his son get his “feet wet” in the land of the WWE.

Jon Moxley Kevin Dunn
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As the first father-son tag team to win the tag title’s in WWE history, the two have accomplished a lot during their time together. However, storylines have been teasing tension between Rey-Rey and Dominik.

Could their days as a tag team be numbered? From the sounds of it, it’s all coming to an end.

As per Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast’s Andrew Zarian on Twitter, WWE is gearing up, to break up, Dominik and Rey. They are also set for a program shortly.

Mysterio Versus Mysterio

If WWE books this right, it could be an epic feud. Regardless, it will help Dominik move forward as a singles character and establish his own path.

Fans have watched Dominik grow up over the years. He was part of the infamous 2005 storyline where Eddie Guerrero claimed to be his bio dad.

The WWE Universe also watched little Dominik cheer Rey on during his 2006 WrestleMania 22 victory where he won the World Heavyweight Championship. He’s had other appearances over the years, too.

He would re-enter the WWE scene in 2019, and make his in-ring debut in 2020. During his time with the WWE, he’s enjoyed some success, so it’ll be great to see him branch out in singles competition.

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