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Chris Jericho – AEW Hiatus, Team Nearly Threw Up At WWE Gimmick

Chris Jericho will likely need to take an AEW hiatus in the near future. And, a Vince McMahon gimmick nearly made two wrestlers throw up.

Chris Jericho is a busy man and will probably be taking a short hiatus from AEW TV. Also, The Colons discussed an idea from Vince McMahon that was so bad, it made them want to barf. 

Chris Jericho – AEW Hiatus

Chris Jericho has been a major play for AEW. When they were putting the promotion together, he was the first major star to sign.

He debuted as a heel and created The Inner Circle. At the same time, he also became the first AEW World Champion.

Now, he is a face and currently feuding with American Top Team. That feud could end tonight, but it seems doubtful.

In all likelihood, Jericho will be taking a short break from AEW TV. His band, Fozzy, is touring in England and Ireland between November 29 and December12.

Plus, with the COVID restrictions, Jericho might need to quarantine when he enters Europe and returns to the United States. Also, he will not be at the October 23 edition of AEW Dynamite as Jericho Cruise will be at sea.

Currently, AEW has a packed roster. No Jericho for a bit will allow some other talent to get TV time.

Team Nearly Threw Up At WWE Gimmick

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In pro wrestling, there are so many superstars and only a handful of gimmicks. Frequently, gimmicks are reused or some of the most bizarre ones make it to TV. 

Former WWE superstars The Colons (Epico & Primo) were on the That’s 90s Wrestling Podcast. They retold a story of an idea Vince McMahon had for the two.

Basically, they would look like the late and former owner of Playboy, Hugh Hefner. Also, they suggested the idea might have been a form of punishment.

“One of the many times we got heat, they came up with this gimmick,” said The Colons. “We were supposed to be the Puerto Rican Playboys.” 

“We’re in the office and Vince goes, ‘Yeah you guys are good-looking. You’re Puerto Rican, I want you guys to dress like Hugh Hefner.’” 

“It was like a mix of Hugh Hefner and Goldust. ‘You’re gonna wear black and gold.’”

Imagine, seeing a combination of Hefner and Goldust. Just the visual is awful and would make someone want to throw up.

And, that is almost what The Colons did.

“Me and Primo looked, we almost threw up right there,” said Epico. “‘Here’s your gimmick,’ they had gear and everything.” 

“We had the black and gold robe like Hugh Hefner. And we were gonna be in Goldust’s color scheme. ‘Oh god please.’”

In the end, McMahon went another direction. Instead of focusing on their family legacy, he had them dress like bullfighters.

Currently, the two are back working for their family’s promotion. Hopefully, they will find more success and can work alongside Carlito.

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