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AEW Streaming Service, Former Impact Wrestler Gets WWE Tryout

An AEW streaming service is in the works with a possible release date. And, a former Impact Wrestling champion is getting a WWE tryout.

By the end of 2022, an AEW streaming service might be out. Also, Petey Williams is getting a chance to work backstage for WWE.

AEW Streaming Service

Since the beginning, AEW has always been behind WWE. They typically won the battle against NXT, but there are bigger questions about taking on RAW or SmackDown.

NXT is completely repackaged and on a new night. Dynamite faces no competition and Rampage immediately follows SmackDown. 

Basically, the ratings for AEW continue to rise. Particularly, new additions to roster like Adam Cole, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan certainly help.

Dynamite is drawing huge numbers and hitting the key demographic. The numbers are not on par with RAW and SmackDown, but they are headed that way.

Rampage has already shown they can compete with SmackDown. 

Now, we know AEW shows will be moving around a bit next year. Also, there is talk of an AEW steaming channel. 

While speaking on Ask Tony Live! on AdFreeShows, AEW announcer Tony Schiavone thinks the end of 2022 looks promising.

“Yes I do think we’re going to see a streaming service,” said Schiavone. “This is my thought.” 

“I don’t know anything for sure. Just by talking to people, I think there’s going to be a streaming service by the end of 2022.”

If it happens, it could be another big score for AEW. The WWE Network never hit the numbers many hoped and now parts of the world must watch through Peacock.

For now, there are still plenty of questions about an AEW steaming service. If they add live pay per views, that could make a huge impact for business.

Former Impact Wrestler Gets WWE Tryout

AEW Streaming Service
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It looks like a mainstay at Impact Wrestling is getting another chance somewhere else. But, it will not be as a wrestler.

PWInsider reported that Petey Williams was backstage at SmackDown. He was brought in to work as a backstage producer.

There are some reports that he has been working backstage with WWE for several weeks. As of now, that has not been confirmed.

He was responsible for the Shayna Baszler and Naomi match. The rest of SmackDown was handled by the regular crew of producers.

Williams, who is 40 years old, is past being an active wrestler on WWE TV. Basically, he is too old for what WWE wants.

Still, he managed to have a memorable career without ever working for WWE, ECW, WCW or AEW. Actually, he is most known for his time in Impact Wrestling; where he appeared earlier in he month.

He worked for the company several times, including one-off appearances. One thing he is known for is being paired with Scott Steiner and becoming a mini version of the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Also, he held the X Division Championship a few times and was one the biggest stars for the division. And, he is credited for popularizing the Canadian Destroyer.

The move is always a sight to see and nothing has changed 15 years later. Unfortunately, too many people nowadays perform the dangers move

Jimmy Yang also recently started working backstage with WWE as producer. That adds to a growing list of former wrestlers turned producers. 

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