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Hollywood’s elite used to like to razz each other. Americans loved to turn on their televisions when this happened at different roasts. Dean Martin had roasts, but the Friars Club also gave us must- see TV. And everyone wanted to watch when Don Rickles went up to the podium.

We all knew that Don Rickles was going to aim his fire at anyone and everyone in the room.

He wasn’t afraid to pick on any Hollywood star. The brighter that star shined, the more likely Mr. Warmth was to make him the butt of jokes.

Even Milton Berle got up and gave him a loving smack on the face in the video below at the 3:24 mark!

But, the two were true friends:

The Friars Club Roast of Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis was roasted by the Friars Club in 1971. While there were many memorable performances, Rickles’ stands out.

It’s 10 minutes of hilarious old school stand up routine by a man often referred to as the King of Insult Comedy. 

Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis…

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True to his style, Rickles told jokes about everyone, including Jerry Lewis’ wife.

Nobody was off limits!

He even targeted average people in the crowd. Imagine having the opportunity to attend a roast and end up on the wrong end of one of Don Rickles’ jokes. 

This brand of humor couldn’t survive today. Cancel culture would come for Don Rickles for making fun of accents, ethnic groups, height, etc.

He was an equal opportunity offender. He took aim at everyone and everyone loved it.

Classic Comedy

Humor during the golden years of television differs greatly from that of today.

Not only is it completely politically incorrect, but no foul language was used!

Comedy of that time was hilarious, and it was also done with class. The whole family could watch and laugh together.

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Those were the good old days when you didn’t have to cover your kids’ ears while watching TV.

There were no ethnic or racial group that got a pass – and they all laughed. People had a sense of humor and didn’t take themselves too seriously!

This video begins with the roast’s emcee, Johnny Carson taking pot shots at Mr. Warmth.

Rickles can dish it out, but this proves that he can also take it. 

Watch the video below for a great laugh that you will want to share. 

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