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Thomas Markle spoke out this week to slam his daughter Meghan Markle for keeping her two young children away from her grandparents. This came as a Royal expert also publicly revealed that Prince Charles is “incredibly sad” that he hasn’t met his granddaughter Lilibet.

Thomas Markle Sounds Off

Thomas said that it is “terribly unfair” to both Lilibet and her older brother Archie that they haven’t seen their family members. He has never met either child. He’s been estranged from Meghan since her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

“I think they (Archie and Lilibet) are being deprived of seeing all their grandparents and I think they are being deprived of seeing all their relatives and I think that’s terribly unfair to them,” Thomas said, according to GEO TV

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Thomas went on to say that he will not be taking legal action, as it was previously reported that he would. He doesn’t want to use his grandchildren as “pawns.”

“I have had offers from several lawyers pro bono, we do have a right to sue to see our grandchildren,” he said. “To me that is like turning this into some kind of game and using them as pawns. I will not sue to see them because I just think that is using them… and I don’t want to see Harry and Meghan do the same thing.”

When Lilibet was born, it was hoped that she would bring the families together. Thomas Markle talks about it here:

Prince Charles ‘Incredibly Sad’

While Charles met Archie when he was a baby, he hasn’t seen him in person in over a year, and he has yet to meet Lilibet.

“I think Prince Charles really wants to meet his granddaughter,” royal expert Nick Bullen told US Weekly. “Prince Charles is incredibly sad about everything that’s gone on. So the family will want to meet each other.”

Bullen added that next year’s Platinum Jubilee, which is meant to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the British throne, could be an opportunity for Meghan and Harry to reconnect with the royal family. 

“The Jubilee is a perfect opportunity for that because if Harry and Megan do come back … because they have to be seen supporting Queen Elizabeth II. It’s a great moment for everyone to be together,” he explained. “And everyone’s going to have to play nicely and behave well because it’s the Queen’s moment.”

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Queen Will ‘Definitely Meet’ Lilibet 

Bullen went on to say that he firmly believes the Queen will “definitely meet” Lilibet because that introduction is a priority.

“I think she really would want to. As the queen has always said, Harry and Meghan are much loved members of the family and I think the queen rises above all of this petty bickering,” he said. “This is her family. Of course she wants to be [with] them.”

It’s sad that Meghan and Harry’s children are being kept from their relatives at the moment. We can only hope that their parents realize how important family is at some point in the future, and allow their kids’ grandparents to be part of their lives. 

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