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Superstar Taking Time Off, What Next For Cesaro

it's officially summer, so how about we see a Superstar taking some time off? Plus, what's next for Cesaro after his Hell In A Cell loss?

After a grueling battle at Hell In A Cell, could one Superstar be taking time off? Plus, after losing to Seth Rollins on Sunday, what’s next for Cesaro?

Superstar Taking Time Off

It’s now officially summertime, so it may not be surprising to hear of a Superstar taking time off.

However, Superstars don’t always come out and discuss taking time off. Sometimes they do, but many times someone just gets written off television with an injury.

Well, other times that Superstar just openly discusses the possibility.

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That is the case with Kevin Owens.

Owens battled long time rival and friend Sami Zayn at Hell In A Cell on Sunday. Owens lost the match, and got a little bloody for his efforts.

While the former Universal Champion did not explicitly state “I am taking a vacation”, he basically did the next best thing.

So, a couple thoughts on this Superstar apparently taking time off.

On one hand…recharging batteries is always a good idea.

On another, the timing is curious, if only because it is now all eyes on SummerSlam.

With the pandemic restrictions, I don’t know how much Kevin Owens was able to get home to Canada. Assuming he has not been able to be back as frequently, time off makes sense and is deserved.

Plus, it’s “only” late June. SummerSlam is still about 2 months away.

Translation: he could easily take a few weeks off and still come back in plenty of time for the big summer show.

Given that WWE is expecting a number of bigger names back when they hit the road, now may be a great time for some Superstars to take time off.

What’s Next For Cesaro

It has been an interesting few months for the Swiss Cyborg, so what’s next for Cesaro?

This is a fair question, considering what he’s done since WrestleMania.

Not that long ago, Cesaro was taking on Roman Reigns for his title. Unfortunately, he lost to the Head of the Table, and was quickly back in a program with Seth Rollins.

whats next for cesaro
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Like it or not, Rollins defeated Cesaro at Hell In A Cell on Sunday.

With the clean and decisive loss, it’s fair to ask…what’s next for Cesaro?

Well…this may not surprise you…but WWE may be out of ideas for Cesaro. At least, that’s what it sounds like when listening to the Wrestling Observer.

Yes, it is possible that the push it looked like Cesaro was getting? It may have ended as quickly as it came to be.

While I am sure fans hoped that Cesaro’s title match was a sign of things to come…it may have merely been a case of “right place, right time”.

With live fans returning in a month, they may be the one factor that could change the trajectory of any Cesaro push.

Meaning, if fans return and get behind him, WWE might have to re-think what’s next for Cesaro.

Or, if fans return, nothing major changes…then he is the mid-card guy he has been.

Of course, fans have often mentioned a Bar reunion…and with Sheamus currently recovering from a broken nose and dealing with two challengers…perhaps such a move isn’t far off?

It’s fun to dream…

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