summerslam return to uk
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As WWE starts firming up its future PPVs, could SummerSlam return to the UK? Plus, some NXT Superstars could be on the move soon.

Could SummerSlam Return To UK

It is a question we have seen asked quite a bit…but could SummerSlam finally return to the UK?

Every time WWE starts lining up and announcing future venues for upcoming PPVs, somewhere, someone is bound to ask…

Could SummerSlam return to the UK?

Or, for that matter…could we see any major PPV move to overseas?

We have seen significant events take place in Australia and in the Middle East in recent years. However, those events were all basically done for those regions.

While WWE did bastardize the Royal Rumble for one, they did not move the actual Rumble.

Plenty has been debated about this, and in this day and age, there would be very real concern for leaks and spoilers, or worry over logistics and timing.

I’d argue that to an extent, leaks and spoilers are far less an issue now. With Peacock and WWE Network before it offering very low costs for PPVs…this minimizes some concern.

The other is…well…there’s a time difference. Would WWE want to run a major PPV that would end up starting at say, noon in Los Angeles?

Well…as it turns out…maybe.

There is nothing too concrete (meaning, nothing from WWE), but per Talk Sport, Cardiff’s Principality Stadium is the front-runner to host the 2022 edition of SummerSlam.

summerslam return to uk

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I think it would be a welcomed move by many. Fans of WWE in the United Kingdom are excellent.

As much as I hate tape delayed RAWs and SmackDowns, back when they were a thing, I would tune in for the UK ones, specifically for the fans.

So, while nothing is firm, there’s buzz for this one happening, and I think it would make a lot of people happy.

WWE did just announce the site of the 2022 Royal Rumble. We already know next year’s WrestleMania will be back in Texas.

After that, the next of WWE’s fabled “Big 4” is SummerSlam…and perhaps we will know soon enough.

Could SummerSlam be to the UK? Stay tuned.

NXT Superstars On The Move

With the 2021 WWE Draft starting Friday, some NXT Superstars will probably be on the move.

It makes sense, really. Looking at past draft history, it’s not unusual to see a few NXT Superstars on the move.

WWE uses the Draft as one way to handle call-ups.

nxt superstars on the move

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And, we are hearing of some specific NXT Superstars who could be on the move.

Specifically, the NXT Superstar faction Hit Row might be main-roster bound.

Per the report, it’s not set in stone, nor is it even a near certainty.

Right now, they are being discussed. Honestly, it’s a fair bet many names on the roster are, especially after some strong debuts in the last couple weeks.

My 2 cents, I feel like Hit Row is still finding their stride in NXT. The group has not existed too long, and really has not outgrown the brand yet.

I could see why WWE might call them up, but I’d also see a great case for keeping them until, say, after WrestleMania.

Either way, it will be curious to see what Superstars are on the move. Too bad WWE won’t go totally creative and give NXT a couple picks…

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