Alexa Bliss Time Off
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Alexa Bliss had a match with Charlotte Flair this past Sunday at WWE Extreme Rules, with the belief being that the challenger will be taking time off. Also, Scott Steiner back on TV seems outrageous, but it could be happening. 

Alexa Bliss Taking Time Off

According to Wrestling Inc., Alexa Bliss is taking time off WWE TV. It is not exactly known how long she’ll be off television.

However, according to the report, it would be a “few” months. Alexa Bliss was not on last night’s RAW.

It seems as if Charlotte ripping Lilly’s head off could’ve been a way to “write” Bliss off storylines. In an Extreme Rules post-interview, Flair says that what she did to Lilly was a “wake-up” call for Alexa.

Flair notes that the Alexa she faced at Extreme Rules was the “old Alexa”. It was the one one who held the RAW Women’s title a number of times.

Charlotte also states in the interview that while she’s still the Queen and won the match, the “old” Alexa fought her at the pay-per-view. That’s the “Lexi” we all want to see.

Flair adds that ripping the doll was a way to remind Alexis she’s still a champion at heart. Flair doesn’t want to hear about Lilly anymore.

More On Alexa Bliss Taking Time Off

Lilly and Alexa’s “dark” side was a cool gimmick. However, it may be time for everyone to move forward.

As Bliss’ gimmick stems from Bray Wyatt’s old character it may be time for Alexa to return to her original self. Wyatt was released from the WWE earlier in 2021.

Alexa Bliss truly is one of the best women’s wrestlers of her generation. She’s done it all.

She won the 2018 MITB, as well as the RAW Women’s title, SmackDown Women’s Title, and Tag Titles, multiple times. She’s also the second Women’s Triple Crown winner.

When Alexis returns to television, will she come back a whole new person? Perhaps the old version of herself?

Speaking of “coming back”, could Scott Steiner ever return to the WWE in some capacity? He’s had a pretty rough history with Vince McMahon.

Could Scott Steiner Return To WWE?

When Bron Breakker debuted on NXT, there was a ton of buzz. As the nephew of Scott Steiner, fans thought Bron’s real last name wasn’t used because of past issues his uncle had with Vince McMahon.

Alex Bliss Time Off

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A new report from reveals that VKM has no bitterness towards Scott Steiner. In fact, the Chairman is open to working with him.

The report adds that Vince does not have the issues he had with other superstars like Bruno Sammartino and The Ultimate Warrior. McMahon was also able to get past all this so that these could be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

So, why is Scott Steiner not in the WWE Hall of Fame? Well, Scott has said multiple times he doesn’t want to be inducted.

Other WWE Offers To Scott Steiner

The report also notes that Scott Steiner was offered a WWE Legends deal in the past. The superstar rejected the offer.

With his nephew in WWE NXT, there could be an angle where Scott and his brother Rick return? The opportunities are endless.

The good news is, VKM is open to working with Scott. However, the real question is, would Scott be willing to work with VKM?