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Jaden Michael is a 17-year-old actor who plays Colin Kaepernick in the upcoming Netflix series “Colin In Black & White,” which is set to premiere on October 29. 

Michael Addresses Kaepernick’s Critics 

In the lead-up to the premiere of the “woke” series, Michael is speaking out to send a message to Kaepernick’s many critics, saying that he is hoping that he’ll be able to win them over.

“I hope that more people are open to researching his motives,” Michael told Entertainment Weekly referring to Kaepernick. “I understand that some might not agree with his methods, or where he did it, but at least try and learn more about what he’s trying to tell you and what he’s trying to teach. And hopefully through that research you’re able to find the truth.”

“I hope people find their truth in who they are, in their purpose, in their future,” he added. “For younger people and people of color, I hope they learn to stand up for themselves and love themselves. But, also, for those who don’t agree, maybe learn to accept a different opinion.”

Here’s a trailer for the show:

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Michael Bonds With Kaepernick Over Activism

Michael went on to say that he bonded with Kaepernick right away when they met.

“Just talking about race relations in America, growing up as a person of color, and what standing and kneeling really means for Colin,” he said. “I think that was important for me, just having that conversation and being able to set the tone for the show and build Colin out.”

Working on such a big show came with its own sets of pressures for Michael. 

“A lot of stresses come with a project of this magnitude,” he said. “These are conversations that need to be had. One of the things on the forefront of my mind while I was trying to shape Colin for the show was, do I want to straight out attack these conversations and ask these questions blatantly, or do I want to sort of make an experience for everyone?”

“And I think I settled somewhere in-between,” Michael continued. “I think it’s most important for people who maybe don’t agree with Colin to find a safe place to watch something interesting and informative, where they can redo their research and try and understand Colin from a different perspective.”

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Kaepernick’s Protest

Kaepernick is best known for taking a knee during the national anthem before his football games to protest against racial inequality in America.

While the left has made him their darling, millions of other Americans still see his protests as a clear sign of disrespect to the American flag and those who have fought and died for it.