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Legendary quarterback Tom Brady spoke out on Monday to let his fans know that the key to being successful is to stop blaming others for your problems. 

Brady Sounds Off 

While appearing on “Football Morning in America,” Brady lamented that there is a lack of work ethic in today’s America that sees many blaming others when things don’t go their way.

“Life is about always changing and adapting to different things. Today, the world wants to blame, and shame, and guilt, and fear everything all the time,” Brady said.

“We would never teach our kids that, you know? We would never say, ‘This is how you’re gonna get through life the best — you’re gonna blame everyone when things don’t go right.’ Or, ‘I always get it my way but you should never get it your way.’ It’s not how to live a joyful life.”

“For me … I love playing football. [Bucs offensive coordinator] Byron Leftwich said something really good the other day: It’s a very simple game that’s so hard to execute,” he added. “It’s a totally imperfect game that you’re trying to do as perfectly as possible. Every day I come out trying to do it. I’m hoping this is my best year.”

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Football Is The ‘Ultimate Blame Game’

Brady went on to say that football is the “ultimate blame game.”

“General managers, head coaches, players, quarterbacks, receivers, defense, offense. It’s so easy to blame someone else,” he explained.

“It’s so hard to say, ‘I didn’t get the job done and we collectively didn’t get the job done.’ That’s the best part about team sports. I picked a team where everybody’s like, ‘Hey, we gotta get better.’ It’s not, ‘I got all the answers. You guys just all screwed it up except me.’ Exact opposite way to play the game. You know? You gotta play it together.”

“If you’re doing what you love doing and you’re with people you love doing it with, it’s all good,” Brady concluded.

“You can go to the Bahamas and play golf with the worst threesome of all time and you’re gonna have a horrible time. Or you can go to the local muni with your three best friends and have the best time. I love the guys I’m working with. This is nothing about New England. I love New England. I love the players. I love the coaches. It was magical.”

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Brady Is Friends With Trump – Likely A Conservative

Tom Brady is a close personal friend of former President Donald Trump. While Brady has made it clear in the past that he does not want to talk about politics publicly, his comments about work ethic and avoiding the blame game certainly indicate that he is a conservative. 

We applaud Brady for taking the time to encourage his fans to take responsibility for themselves, rather than blame others for their problems! 

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