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A blogger from California is pushing to have the word “curry” be cancelled because she finds its British colonial origins to be both racist and offensive.

Push To Cancel Curry

In a newly surfaced post from April that has since gone viral, Chaheti Bansal sparked a debate over the usage of the word “curry” that is still raging all these months later. Bansal, 27, posts her home-cooking videos online.


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“I’m not even gonna bother with the recipe in this voiceover cause I have more important things to discuss like canceling the word ‘curry,’” Bansal said, according to The New York Post

“OK, not in all cultures – but specifically in Indian cuisine cause I don’t understand what that word means,” she added. “Like there’s a saying that the food in India changes every 100 kilometers and yet we’re still using this umbrella term popularized by white people who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes – but we can still unlearn.”

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College Professor Weighs In

While it’s been said that the word “curry” originated from British colonists mispronouncing something else, it is unclear what exactly they were allegedly pronouncing wrong. 

“The word curry does not exist in any South Asian language to my knowledge,” University of Vermont Professor Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst said to NBC News. “Curry is one of these words that most historians attribute to the British bad ear.”

Morgenstein Fuerst notes that White people wanted South Asian food but not overly spiced or “smelly.”

“And that lack of temperance, in our food, or in our emotionality, is a problem,” Morgenstein Fuerst said. “That’s one of the things that is rooted in white, Christian supremacy.”

Bansal later clarified that she doesn’t completely want the word “curry” to be removed from verbiage. Instead, she is calling for some nuance, whatever that may mean in her “woke” mind.

“Curry shouldn’t be all that you think about when you think about South Asian food,” she said.

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Others Push Back 

Thankfully, some level-headed people have been pushing back against this nonsense. 

“I lost the will to live as soon as we started talking about it,” British TV host Simon McCoy said during a segment in which he was forced to talk about this controversy. 

Author and broadcaster Kel Richards said that this push to cancel curry is “based on ignorance.”

Frankly, anyone who is offended by the word “curry” and is pushing for it to be cancelled has way too much time on their hands.

This cancel culture nonsense has gone way too far, and we can only imagine what word or thing will be targeted next by offended liberal snowflakes. 

And with that, I’m going to go enjoy some curry!