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We don’t hear too much from her lately, but now Ronda Rousey has spoke out on Bray Wyatt, specifically as it relates to WWE fans. Plus, was Maven, the 1st Tough Enough winner, predetermined?

Ronda Rousey On Bray Wyatt

The Toughest Woman On The Planet may be away from WWE, but that didn’t mean Ronda Rousey wouldn’t speak out on Bray Wyatt.

Anyone who caught RAW this week, fresh after the Wyatt release, had to hear the chants for Bray Wyatt.

Well…Rousey wasn’t having any of it.


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Her tweet here says plenty:

So many thoughts on this one.

On one hand, hey great, the mom to be and former RAW Women’s Champion is watching the product while away.

However, what Ronda Rousey actually said, about fans response to Bray Wyatt being released?

I don’t really agree.

For a few reasons.

First, WWE fans love their chants…and until about a month ago, we haven’t been able to hear a packed arena chanting in over a year and a half.

So in that regard…it’s not like fans COULD have chanted for Wyatt, but haven’t been.

Second…in terms of popularity and crowd responses, factoring in merchandise and such…Bray Wyatt was a top draw. That’s indicative of fans embracing him and investing themselves in the character.

Did some enjoy the beach ball thing at one point? Sure, but it wasn’t a regular thing…so I don’t know that I agree with the shot much.

I think looking at all the information we have on hand, fans by and large valued Wyatt and all his personas. Nick Khan…not so much.

Tough Enough Winner Predetermined?

I know WWE doesn’t ever rig anything…but now it seems the Tough Enough winner was predetermined?

Color me shocked!

OK, not really that shocked.

For some who might not remember…Tough Enough was WWE’s attempt to have their own reality television series.

It was a competition…or should I say, a “competition”?

maven tough enough winner predetermined

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The idea was to get a bunch of aspiring professional wrestler types and have them perform, on camera, in the hopes of earning a WWE contract.

Now, according to the first winner of Tough Enough, the winner may have been predetermined.

Maven, the first season winner, offered a glimpse into what the first season of Tough Enough was like, when he sat down with Chris Van Vliet.

Maven recounted having to step away from the show due to his mother being gravely ill.

If his story is to be believed, they paused the show to let Maven be with his mother, with an interesting bit of information shared.

When they decided to pause it, they told him that he was the front runner.

Discussing it further, Maven insinuates that he knew, going into the competition, that he was going to win-as in, he was told, not that he was confident.

For my own spin…I am not 100 percent buying it.

On one hand, Maven is not the first to state or imply that the Tough Enough competitions were anything but competitions.

However, on the other hand…it is entirely possible (not likely, but possible), that the coaches and producers were giving him some hope.

Like, hey, we know things suck now because your mother is really sick. We like you, you are a top contender, so lets pause things and give you a chance to take care of mom.

When you come back, as long as you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ve got this.

As in, more of a pep talk. Give the grieving young man something to look forward to.

Until or unless the coaches or producers from Tough Enough come clean, we won’t have all sides of the story.

While it is entirely believable that the winner of Tough Enough was predetermined…I’d say it’s equally plausible that it wasn’t.


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