Oscar Winning Actress Debra Winger Admits #MeToo Has Gone ‘Ridiculously Too Far’

Award-winning actress Debra Winger left Hollywood in the 90s and in a new interview said the #MeToo movement has gone "ridiculously too far."

Actress Debra Winger of Terms Of Endearment and An Officer And A Gentleman fame spoke out this week to defy the “woke” left by saying that the #MeToo movement has gone “ridiculously too far in some ways.”

Winger Discusses #MeToo Movement

Debra Winger, 66, explained that she views the #MeToo movement partly through the eyes of her three adult sons.

“I don’t feel like it’s settled yet. [The industry] is still in upheaval,” she said. “The plates are shifting. In some ways, it’s pulled ridiculously too far.”

“Part of it is that I’m the mother of three young white males, so I’m looking at things that they’re experiencing, and things that my girlfriends of all different backgrounds are experiencing [and] it hasn’t quite found its steady point yet where there’s room for everybody,” Winger added.

She was first married to actor and director Timothy Hutton but they divorced in 1990 after four years; they had one son Noah together. Winger and her husband, actor and director Arliss Howard  have been married for 24 years. The two had one son together, Gideon, and she became stepmom to Sam, Arliss’s son from his previous marriage.

“I’m a bad one to ask. I always found my way,” the Academy Award-nominee continued. “Is that privilege? It didn’t feel like it at the time, because I felt like I was in very abusive situations, but it was my responsibility to buck up, get strong.” 

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Winger Offered Diet Pills In Hollywood 

She said she had a thick skin early on in her career, when she first found herself experiencing some “abusive situations.” She started acting at 21, but didn’t get noticed until four years later. 

Winger also claimed in the interview that on the set of An Officer And A Gentleman, she was offered water retention pills to help her lose weight after a member of the crew said that she appeared “puffy in the dailies.” She said that she refused the pills, according to Fox News.

“I was so young I didn’t even know what it was, and I just handed it back and said ‘I’m not taking that,'” Winger recalled. “It just sounded so ridiculous to me. But somebody else could have really succumbed.”

As for where she learned to stand up for herself in this way, Winger said it was not from her own mother.

“I didn’t have great men around me, growing up,” she explained. “I just felt strong to say no to these f—ing a–holes.”

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Her Hollywood Exit 

Winger is known for leaving Hollywood in the 1990s after her third Oscar nomination.

In her latest interview, she said that this was because she “ceased being challenged.” Since then, she’s encouraged her three boys to never go into show business as a career like she did in her younger days.

“And yes, they are all in it!” she said, adding that her sons received “proper education.” 

While the #MeToo movement was a long overdue a reckoning for the sleazy world of Hollywood, it has since gone way too far, just as many other leftwing movements do.

Now, Debra Winger is acting again in the new Apple TV+ comedy-drama “Mr. Corman” that premiered on August 6th.

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