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Jay Cutler announced that NFL partner Uber Eats dropped him from their ads after learning that the former Chicago Bears quarterback is  against mask mandates for kids. 

Uber Eats Drops Jay Cutler Over Mask Stance

Cutler revealed that he had been dropped in a post on his Twitter page.

“Lost a commercial with Uber eats partnering with the NFL.  Was going to film in LA, ‘views aren’t aligned,'” he wrote. “Guess they don’t like future School board members.  Frees up my weekend.”

Uber responded in a statement to NBC News, saying, “We are proud of all the work Uber has done over the last year to help get as many people vaccinated as possible. As such, we prefer to partner with those who support that work.”

Cutler hit back at a tweet about him being dropped by Uber Eats by saying, “tend to cook at home anyway.”

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Jay Cutler Bashes Mask Mandates

Cutler has frequently tweeted as of late about being against mask mandates for children.

Days before he was dropped by Uber, he tweeted out a link to a story about a mask protest in Tennessee.

“Let’s be clear,” he wrote. “No one wants to go to a school board meeting. So this speaks volumes.”

Cutler has also signaled that he may be running for his local school board in Williamson County for 2024.

“Doing school board research. Looks like a 2024 campaign for me,” he tweeted last week. 

Jay Cutler Endorsed Donald Trump

Last year, Cutler was one of the few celebrities to openly endorse former President Donald Trump as he took on Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Jay Cutler’s Trump endorsement came by way of a Jack Nicklaus’ letter endorsing Trump which he shared on social media with the captions “sign me up” and “never a doubt.”

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Before that, NBC Sports reported that Cutler had also voiced his support for Trump after he won back in 2016. 

“I’m happy with the results,” Cutler said. “I’ve supported Trump for a while. I’m not going to dive into it, I know it’s a sensitive issue, but I like where it’s going.”

Supporting Trump and being anti-mask are two of the biggest no-nos in the eyes of the leftists who drive cancel culture. So there’s a solid chance that Cutler’s antics will make liberals’ heads explode.

Nowadays more and more companies seem intent on broadcasting their political position. That’s quite a change from the nonpartisan days of business past.

Uber was clearly afraid too afraid of angering the “woke” left to continue their relationship with Jay Cutler. Instead, companies fire someone for expressing an opinion that is counter to theirs without a second thought.

Jay Cutler’s opinion on masks is likely shared by millions of Americans but that doesn’t matter to Uber.

While Cutler doesn’t seem phased by Uber letting him go, that doesn’t make it okay.

Here’s hoping he’ll continues to be so open about his conservative views in the future. 

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