Converse Rolls Out Disturbing Ad Campaign For Sneakers Emblazoned With A Pentagram

The pentagram on the newest Converse shoes "create a fascination with evil," a Catholic exorcist is warning.

Father Vincent Lampert, a Catholic exorcist, spoke out this week to warn that the newly unveiled Converse sneakers that features pentagram designs could lead to fascination with the occult. The Converse ad campaign for the TURBODRK Chuck 70 line of sneakers by Rick Owens is turning heads with its otherworldly looking androgynous models sporting black latex  

Father Vincent Lambert Reacts To Converse Pentagram Sneakers

“The danger with these types of things is that they create a fascination with evil,” Father Vincent Lampert told “The National Catholic Register.”

The shoe is named TURBODRK Chuck 70 and is already sold out after just hitting shelves on July 27.

Designed by the famous fashion designer Rick Owens, the shoe includes an upside-down pentagram on both the sole and the heel of the shoe, with an exaggerated downward-facing point of the symbol.

To be clear, it’s not replacing the All-Star chucks, it’s a collaboration with Converse and DRKSHDW which is the brand run by the goth-inspired designer.

“The aesthetic is all about disrupting formality — embracing traditional structure and then blowing it up,” the official Converse Instagram account wrote in announcing the shoe. 



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Converse Designer Rick Owens Speaks Out

Owens spoke out to say that he has used the pentagram in fashion “for a long time because obviously, it has adolescent occult associations.”

In fact, his nickname is The Lord of Darkness. He’s collaborated with Adidas in the past, but that ended in 2017. Converse is a subsidiary of its parent company, Nike Inc.

He also said that the pentagram refers to an “alternate system,” and suggests a “pursuit of sensation” and the “pursuit of pleasure.”

“But one of the main things that I think it suggests, is empathy and a consideration of systems of living that might not be standard,” Owens continued. “So that leads us to be more accepting and tolerant of other systems, which I think is a good thing.” 

Father Lampert, however, said that the symbol could still be harmful even if it’s meant to simply be used for “entertainment.”

“At first glance one might think that a pentagram on a sneaker may seem to be nothing but harmless fun,” he explained. “We may think of it as nothing more than some form of entertainment, but the devil can use this interest in things associated with the occult as an entry point to enter a person’s life.”

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Father Lambert’s Warning

Father Lambert went on to add that seeing the pentagram on the sneaker could lead to greater curiosity about the demonic world, which could cause “the person’s life to spiral downwards.”

“Fascination with the evil one” is not what should be fostered, he said. And, he added that society should instead be promoting the idea that the human person is created in the image and likeness of God and has the innate desire for God. 


Converse has yet to respond to any backlash about the use of the pentagram on their latest sneaker line by Rick Owens. It remains to be seen whether or not the company will address this moving forward.

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