‘Jeopardy’ Has Banned Certain Wagers Because They Are Deemed Racist, Satanic, And Sexual

"Jeopardy!" won't allow wagers of certain number combinations to be made because they are deemed racist, satanic, or sexual in nature.

Longtime fans of the game show “Jeopardy!” may think that they know everything about the show, but even the most devoted followers probably don’t know that five different wager amounts are banned for some very surprising reasons.

“Jeopardy!” Bans Five Wagers 

“Jeopardy!” producers have banned the following wager amounts: $69, $666, $14, $88, and $1488. 

Contestants are not allowed to them for daily doubles or final jeopardy.

The dollar amount $69 was banned because it is a sexual innuendo. If you don’t know why that is the case, we would suggest you Google it, because we are not going to explain it here!

$666 was also banned by “Jeopardy!” production because it has historically been known as a Satanic number in within the Christian doctrine. 

$14, $88, and $1488

As for $14, $88, and $1488, that’s where things get weird.

Apparently, some white supremacists have used 1488 as a symbol of racism. According to Wikipedia, 1488:

“is a reference to the 14-word slogan ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,’ followed by the less commonly used ‘Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.’ The 8s represent the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), and ‘HH’ stands for ‘Heil Hitler.'”

Never mind the fact that a white supremacist would probably never be smart enough to get on “Jeopardy!,” but we digress!

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On a more positive note, “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings recently spoke out to offer his advice to those who want to be contestants on the show.

He knows a thing or two about winning, as he won 74 consecutive games. His was the longest run in the history of the game show.

On top of that, Jennings also won the “Jeopardy! Greatest Of All Time” tournament last year. 

Jennings’ Advice For Contestants

Jennings explained: “I would say my recommended “Jeopardy!” strategy comes down to two things: at-home preparation, and conservative wagering.” 

“Watching the show religiously at home will help you see your strong and weak points, and what common areas of ‘Jeopardy!’ knowledge (world capitals, presidents, Shakespeare) you need to bone up on,” he added.

“But it also helps you try to internalize the timing of the famously tricky ‘Jeopardy!’ signaling devices,” Jennings continued, “I can’t say enough about not betting too much on Daily Doubles, if you’re happy with your position. In fact, I lost my last game because of two too-high Daily Double wagers.”

There you go, folks! If you ever get on “Jeopardy!” you might want to follow Jennings’ advice.

And, don’t even try wagering the numbers: $69, $666, $14, $88, and $1488!

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