Christian OnlyFans model Nita Marie stripping for God
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Nita Marie, who brands herself a Christian OnlyFans model, spoke out this week to claim that making videos where she strips naked for paying strangers is what “God wants me to do.”

Self-Proclaimed ‘Christian’ OnlyFans Star Talks God And Stripping

“I asked God if I should continue stripping off and the answer was always yes,” said Nita Marie according to Fox News

Marie has over 953,000 followers and claims to make a whopping $1.8 million per year on OnlyFans.

While she was not raised in a Christian household, Marie said she found God in a dream when she was 9 years-old.

From there, she built her own relationship with Christ, away from what she sees as the misogyny of greater Christianity. 

“That experience helped me seek out Christianity and I built a relationship with Christ on a personal level, rather than one filled with doctrine written by men thousands of years ago,” she explained. 

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Nita Marie Believes Christianity Suppresses Female Sexuality

Marie believes that Christianity has been suppressing female sexuality for centuries, and that God did not want it to be this way.

In her mind, sexuality is a gift from God that is meant to be explored. 

“I want to let women and men know that there’s nothing wrong with embracing their sexuality and being religious,” she said. “It all starts with loving yourself and trusting that when you have a desire for sex, it is OK and healthy to ask for it.”

While Nita Marie admits some Christian friends and family members have shunned her because of her OnlyFans activity, she feels God wants her to continue.

She sees herself as a guide to help others build safe and healthy sexual relationships with their own bodies. 

“I believe that God wants women to look and feel great and to enjoy their sexuality,” Marie said. “By empowering myself to feel sexy in my own skin, I allow others to do the same.”

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OnlyFans Star Nita Marie Is Writing A Book

The 45-year-old ‘Christian’ OnlyFans model is currently working on a book about religion and sexuality.

Marie claims the book will help women reclaim their “birthright to enjoy their bodies” and comes out sometime next year. 

Her website states that she’s worked with “hundreds of women to launch a successful online career as adult models.” It adds that she helps other women to “see their inner worth, while also focusing on increasing their income with easy and simple business tips.” 

Nita Marie’s website also says that she got divorced in 2017, and that she began modeling from there to regain self-esteem and confidence from her asexual marriage. 

Not a lot seems to make sense in the world these days. Add a self-proclaimed Christian making millions from stripping for strangers on OnlyFans to the top of that list!

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