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Backstage News On Molly Holly, Rob Conway & Shawn Daivari

The WWE has made significant changes within the company, as of late. WNZ has backstage news on Molly Holly, Rob Conway, and Shawn Daivari.

There’s been a ton of changes in the WWE as of late. Not only in the form of talent releases but also backstage. WNZ has an update on Molly Holly and her new producer role, as well others.

Backstage News On Molly Holly

As per a PW Insider report, 2021 WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly is working as a RAW producer, right now. When Holly first entered the “producer” role, she was mainly at SmackDown tapings.

But it sounds like this was a “tryout” period for Molly Holly. However, it now seems as if she’s been redirected to work Monday Night RAW tapings, moving forward.

Backstage News On Molly Holly & Her WWE Producer Role

The company was looking for more of a female presence in its “producer” role. Molly Holly fits that bill with tremendous hands-on experience.

She was working tryouts for this position in June of this year. She had stated this during an interview.

It seems in June that she was still in her “trial” period. That’s clearly changed.

Molly Holly is a talent through and through. She’ll create a significant impact on RAW in this new role.

Still, Molly Holly isn’t the only behind-the-scenes WWE employee creating some buzz. WNZ has more backstage news, below.

Backstage News On Rob Conway & Shawn Daivari

According to PW Insider, Rob Conway has returned to the WWE Performance Center. Once a WWE Tag Champion, he is now working as a Guest Coach.

Backstage News Molly Holly
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Conway was a guest trainer at this facility in the fall of 2018. Randy Orton, a good friend of Conway’s, organized the stint.

Meanwhile, Shawn Daivari, a pro wrestling veteran, recently has come back to the WWE as a producer, full-time. He’s received plenty of praise since returning.

He came back in early June. At that point in time, he was at a SmackDown taping. He returned off the cusp of NWA tapings, in a producer role.

As some may recall, Daivari was a TNA X Division Champion. He was also a WWE producer originally hired in early 2019.

Sadly, he was released in 2020, due to COVID-19 budget cuts. After he was let go, he wrestled a bit for Impact Wrestling and MLW, plus other promotions.

The good news is, he’s back with the WWE full-time. The not-so-good news is, Ariya Daivari, his brother, was released from the company this past June.

More WWE Backstage News

Meanwhile, Pat Buck has some added responsibilities to his WWE Talent Relations duties. Buck currently produces RAW and SmackDown shows.

However, he’s also booking indie talents and extras needed for tapings. This was once done by Drake Wuertz (a.k.a. Draker Younger).

Unfortunately, Drake was released from his referee role this past May. As such, Buck has taken this job on.

Buck was the co-owner of a popular northeast promotion, known as Pro Wrestling Syndicate. In 2003, he debuted in the indies.

In August 2019, Buck became a WWE producer. Sadly, he was furloughed in April 2020, due to pandemic budget cuts.

He returned in the summer of 2020. Buck is often seen onscreen as a WWE “official”.

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