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Courtney Stodden has some advice for Chrissy Teigen since she’s been whining about how her life is miserable because of her past cyberbullying. More than a decade ago, Teigen used social media and private messages to bully model and reality tv personality Stodden ands others.

Stodden claims that Chrissy “wouldn’t just publicly tweet about wanting me to take ‘a dirt nap’ but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself.” 

Now, Stodden gives advice to Teigen via TMZ: “Step out and do something anti-bullying if she really means what she says — get out, do something and it really helps the spirit. It does.” 

She also appeared in a TikTok video in front of the words “just be nice.”

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Teigen And Stodden At Odds Over The Truth

Chrissy Teigen has publicly stated more than once that she reached out to Courtney Stodden to apologize for cyberbullying Stodden as a teen. But, Stodden claims Teigen has still not contacted her personally.

It appears Chrissy is apologizing in an attempt to restore her celebrity reputation from her exposed extreme bullying. 

TMZ caught up with the reality television star in Washington, DC.

Stodden was there with PETA and was discussing vegan food but the conversation quickly shifted to Chrissy Teigen.  

Courtney believes Teigen is a bully who is playing the role of the victim.

Teigen sent atrocious messages and tweets to teenagers. Now, the supermodel wants pity even though she hasn’t called to apologize.

“You know what, I haven’t received anything from her. I don’t know what she’s talking about. She never reached out to my team, I never got any emails, anything,” the reality star said about Teigen’s apology claims. 

Watch Courtney’s comments in the video below. 

Chrissy Teigen’s Connection To Joe Biden

Teigen has had a dramatic fall from liberal Hollywood grace. She was a darling not just of Tinseltown, but also of Democratic political elites.

She even had the favor and the ear of President Joe Biden.

The model and her husband John Legend attended Joe Biden’s Inauguration in January. And, Biden’s @POTUS Twitter account only follows a handful of people and it followed Teigen. 

However, shortly after she got the coveted Twitter follow, she asked President Biden to unfollow her as she couldn’t handle the pressure.

He obliged. Biden has not commented on his friend’s cyberbullying ways and nobody from the media has asked him about it. 

But, Courtney Stodden isn’t giving Teigen a pass this week after Teigen again whined about how she is “lost” and upset about being in the “cancel club.” Teigen continues posting about her woes on social media and speaking with the paparazzi about it.


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