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Nexus Documentary & More Off, Two WWE Names Dropped

Fans interested in the Nexus documentary should note, this and more content are off schedule. Plus, two WWE names have been dropped.

The Nexus remains to be one of the most memorable factions in WWE’s recent history. The company recently did a documentary on the stable. However, it’s been put off. More programming has been shelved, too.

Nexus Documentary & More Off

This past spring, ex-WWE Superstar Darren Young stated the company was working on a documentary about the stable. It was titled, ‘WWE Untold: The Nexus’.

WWE even promoted it at one point in a commercial. Sadly, the documentary might not be aired.

As per a PW Insider report, no added work is needed for the documentary. Apparently, the episode is currently shelved.

Nexus Isn’t The Only Documentary Being Shelved, More Are Off

PW Insider also noted that this show isn’t the only one sitting on the shelf. Other projects have been planned, but have been paused.

In fact, a Broken Skulls Session with WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Kevin Nash did not air this past weekend. It was also pulled.

The BSS episode was finished and edited. A new date should be announced soon.

Then, there’s the WWE Icon’s documentary, featuring Lex Luger. It was nixed two weekends ago.

It is scheduled to air. However, according to reports, the WWE wants a strong lead-in, so it may broadcast after a pay-per-view.

The report also stated that internal department changes after corporate restructuring might be a reason for “hold-offs” on documentaries. With departments folding into each other, there were many new people in new positions.

As such, the content was rescheduled and reshuffled. New individuals in new roles needed to “learn the ropes”, so to speak.

Sounds like there were some “growing pains” involved. Therefore, a “reshuffling” of sorts took place with content.

Hopefully, fans will see that Nexus documentary, along with others, sooner rather than later. The Broken Skulls Session with Kevin Nash seems like it would be an interesting watch. 

Will the WWE Universe ever see a Retribution documentary? Probably not, as WWE names from the faction are being dropped, currently.

Two WWE Names Dropped

PW Insider reports that Shane Thorne and Mia Yim’s Retribution names are being dropped. Therefore, “Slapjack” and “Reckoning” are names no longer used internally.

Nexus Documentary More Off
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Thorne and Yim will use their past ring names, moving forward. No word on when fans can expect to see the talents back in storylines.

Interestingly enough, both Slapjack and Reckoning are still listed as superstars on the official WWE roster. They both are under the RAW brand.

Shane Thorne Worked A Dark Match

Thorne recently worked a dark match on SmackDown against NXT Champion, Karrion Kross. This took place before the Blue brand hit airwaves, on June 25th.

There was chatter of having Thorne and Yim join SmackDown in early May. At that point, the idea was to keep their Retribution names.

There was word that Mia Yim’s debut was to occur during the Throwback SmackDown show. However, that never happened.

Then, she was set to debut on the WM Backlash “go-home” edition of SmackDown. That was also nixed.

Meanwhile, fellow Retribution members MACE, T-BAR, and Ali are all working storylines on RAW. Stay tuned for any updates on when Thorne and Yim return to TV.

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