WWE Superstars More Training
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The WWE main roster is gearing up for their return to live shows. A report indicates that officials have told superstars they’ll require more training at the Performance Center to get ready for the July comeback tour.

WWE Superstars Sent For More Training

According to the PW Insider, talent was told at last night’s RAW about this. Wrestlers will be expected to head to Orlando’s WWE Performance Center over the next several weeks for in-ring workouts.

These sessions are being organized to prep the main roster for their official return to live events and touring. This kicks off on Friday, July 16th, when SmackDown takes over Houston, TX.

The workouts might begin as early as next week. Superstars will participate in drills and potential matches.

The idea is to make their in-ring work, sharper. The training will take place on days that superstars aren’t booked for television.

Whose Idea Was It For WWE Superstars to Require More Training?

Apparently, this idea is coming straight from head honcho, Vince McMahon. Makes sense, as he might see a need for talent to fine-tune their skills in that squared circle.

After all, superstars aren’t wrestling multiple times a week, like in pre-pandemic times. There might be some true ring rust among talent.

Everyone from the roster, top to bottom of the card, is being asked to participate. Whether that means big names or lower-to-mid card talent.

One (unnamed wrestler) in the report joked about not being overly happy to have to “roll around in the ring” on an off-day. However, if this is what it takes to get the WWE closer to normal, they are all for it.

Still, many talents are keen on perfecting their in-ring work, too. After all, they have been only wrestling one day a week during COVID-19.

Many may not notice the rustiness caused by this while watching TV. However, it does exist.

Here’s hoping these tour training sessions bring everyone to tip-top shape. Sounds like the main roster is ready to return to a pre-pandemic touring “normal”.

Over at AEW, the early numbers are in for the Double or Nothing event that took place this past Sunday. What do these initial figures look like?

AEW Double Or Nothing Buys

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio recently chimed in on AEW’s early buy numbers. From the sounds of it, the pay-per-view (PPV) is set to become the company’s second-biggest event.

WWE Superstars More Training

Source: @AWV23, Twitter, Screenshot

Taking first place was this year’s Revolution. What were the numbers for both PPVs?

Analyzing The Figures

As per reports, AEW’s 2021 Revolution drew amazing numbers for the brand. It recorded 125,000 buys.

Meanwhile, 2020s Double or Nothing also did well. The show had about 115,000 to 120,000 buys.

Interestingly enough, an early review has 2021’s Double or Nothing beat last year’s numbers by 12%. Still, it’s important to note that they will not beat Revolution’s buy numbers.

Also, WrestleNomics posted the PPV numbers for Double or Nothing on their Twitter account. See below.

Basically, it seems like AEW is building some incredible steam. Not only when it comes to their television ratings, but also PPV events.