UPS Driver Assaulted In Broad Daylight On Busy San Francisco Street, Thief Gets Instant Karma

UPS driver assault
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

 A San Francisco UPS driver faced a brutal assault in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight. The attacker faced some immediate karma and now police are looking for his attackers with the help of a viral video of the attack. 

The UPS driver named Minh is the breadwinner for his family. Now, he’s sidelined as he recovers from this violent beating.

Badly bruised and hurt, he needs assistance walking. He also had to have his two front teeth replaced by a dentist after taking blows to the head and mouth. 

Viral Video Of UPS Driver’s Assault On San Francisco Street

Minh was just doing his job when he noticed a person staring at his cart filled with packages.

The perpetuator grabbed one small one and ran off. After dropping the package in the middle of street, Minh confronted him. The man then began punching away at the UPS driver, who is much smaller than him. 

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A car pulled up beside them.

Minh believed someone was coming to help him. But, it was a get away car for the attacker.

He attempted to jump into the car as it fled but the attacker ended up face planting in the street. He picked himself up and then got in the car before speeding away. 

The thief ended up getting away with nothing as he left the stolen package in the middle of the street. 

“They start to hit me in my face, and they hitting me in my teeth, I lost two teeth here,” Minh said about the attack. “They hit in my back, and I fell down, and the wheel in the front they run over my feet.”

Police have not made any arrests in this case despite the license plate of the car being very visible on the video. 

A video of the assault is in the tweet below.

Front Teeth Replaced

Along with his daughter Tiffany, Minh spoke to a local news reporter about his injuries.

He spent Monday going to various medical appointments for his injuries. He had to get his teeth fixed and have his foot and leg examined. 

“Right now, especially Asian delivery drivers putting their life out on the life for a job and my dad was just trying to do his job like to the extent to the fullest,” Tiffany said. “So he didn’t have to run after that man, but that man had to use violent forces against him which was uncalled for.”

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You can watch this new report that includes photos of Minh’s injuries in the video below. 

“We’re just glad that karma struck him fast when he couldn’t even get into his car,” said Minh’s daughter Tiffany. “We just hope that he learns from this, that he learns this is not right.”

The disturbing trend of Anti-Asian crimes has escalated in the Bay area.

The Democratic stronghold has been battling against this discrimination and hate. 

A GoFundMe for Minh has raised over $14,000 so far.