NYPD Release Video Of Brutal Chinatown Attack – Victim Beaten And Stripped

New York City Chinatown attack

A 26-year-old man who had just arrived in the Big Apple from Atlanta got a New York City-style welcome when about a dozen people beat and robbed him. They stripped him of his clothes, including his underwear in broad daylight in Chinatown. 

“They attacked him as soon as he got off the bus from Atlanta,” a police spokesman said. 

On Saturday, NYPD released a video of the attack in hopes that people can help identify the suspects. 

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Victim Stripped And Beaten In Broad Daylight In Chinatown

The assailants fled the scene in three vehicles – two sedans and a van. The man was taken to the hospital where he is being treated for four slash wounds to his torso, two to his head, and one to his hand in the assault. He is in stable condition. 

The video starts by showing several suspects casually walking down the sidewalk. One of the men’s face is visible and hopefully will allow him to be identified. 

The video then switches to another angle to show the victim being chased and attacked. They quickly began beating and kicking him. The victim was even stomped on.

They even removed his cell phone, pants, underwear, and shoes. The man was also cut several times with a sharp object. The man, who is originally from Brooklyn, was certainly not expecting to be greeted in this violent manner. 

The victim’s face is blurred in the video below to hide his identity. 

2020 New York City Crime Wave

New York experienced a crime wave in 2020.

Shootings and murders skyrocketed even while people were ordered to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. The Big Apple also experienced Black Lives Matter riots.

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Chinatown in particular has experienced a slump in business because of the strict New York business shutdowns and perhaps because of concern that coronavirus originated in China.

This brutal attack is unlikely to help solve that financial problem and increase confidence in going to Chinatown.