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After Tim Tebow launched his NFL comeback last month by signing a one-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars, many critics have spoken out to blast this decision by saying that he only got this opportunity because of “white privilege,” rather than because of his talent.

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Skip Bayless Takes A Stand For Tebow

Few people have had the courage to take a stand for Tebow publicly due to fears of being targeted by the “woke” mob themselves.

That’s why it was so refreshing when Fox Sports’ commentator Skip Bayless spoke out to do just that!

Bayless went so far as to say that Tebow is being targeted for his strong Christian faith. 

“Because of the focus on Tim’s religion, he did become a circus of a media distraction for other teams,” Bayless said on “Undisputed,” according to Mediaite

After shockingly taking the Denver Broncos to the playoffs as a quarterback during the 2011 season, Tebow was given opportunities with the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Did he ever get one opportunity to start a game as a quarterback for either of those teams?” Bayless asked. “No, he did not. Which is the most outrageous lack of opportunity for a player who had proven that he could be so clutch in big moments.”

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Shannon Sharpe Fires Back

While Bayless made a great point, it was met with sarcasm from his cohost Shannon Sharpe.

“Who knew, what it’s like to not get a fair chance in America,” Sharpe replied facetiously. “I know probably about 50 million people that didn’t get a fair chance.”

Despite this disrespectful response, Bayless stood his ground. 

“He didn’t get a chance and I do believe it was because in the big picture, the media’s focus [was] on his religion,” Bayless added.

Bayless had previously predicted that the Jaguars would sign Tebow, saying that it would be a good thing for the team. 

“This is going to happen,” Bayless said last month, according to Yahoo News.

“This will help the Jaguars under coach Urban Meyer. Nobody knows Tim Tebow better than Urban Meyer, he knows what he brings intangible as well as tangibly, and this will help a young football team because, No. 1, they need somebody at that position.”

Media Despises Men Like Tebow

There’s virtually nobody the media hates more these days than a white man who is both Christian and straight, so it comes as no surprise that Tebow has become a target. He ticks every one of these boxes.

We hope that the media will leave Tebow alone and allow him to resume his NFL career in peace.

There a lot of talent inside him that should not go untapped any longer. 

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