Rumors Of WWE Sale Intensify After Countless Releases Yesterday

The rumors of a WWE sale are intensifying, especially after the major releases that took place yesterday. But is there truth to the rumor?

With the latest slew of releases, the rumors surrounding a WWE sale are intensifying. Thanks to numerous budget cuts and restructuring efforts, a full corporate overhaul in terms of a sale seems very possible.

Signs Pointing To A WWE Sale

Rumors WWE Sale
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There have been numerous signs that the WWE is trying to cut costs. Evidently, the recent release of Braun Strowman, Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black fueled the rumor further.

Dave Schilling, former WWE writer, believes the company is being prepared for a sale. In fact, he names Aleister’s push and quick release as a telling sign.

“You don’t cut talent assets on this level unless you are trying to maximize profits before a sale. Braun is a legit top guy, a former world champion, and a merchandise mover. Alastair Black was getting a push on TV LAST WEEK. This is very telling.”

Countless wrestlers also took to social media to react to the sale rumors. According to Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter):

“I reported last year that @WWE was in the process of being sold to Disney. Most people responded STFU. But lately, it appears that something is happening and it could be true. Do you think Vince might be selling?”

Joel Gertner (ECW) also had an opinion on the rumors.

“Billionaires crave happiness, just like everyone does. As a business owner, who wants credit for the growth of their company, always the two ‘happiest’ days on the company and owner’s journey are the day the company is bought and the day the company is sold.”

What Are The Cons?

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While there are plenty of sources backing the rumors of a WWE sale, there are some who do not. One of them is Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.

According to Thurston, the recent changes are just part of the WWE’s slimming down plan. In other words, he believes it is all about corporate restructuring.

“Foreboding that WWE is preparing to sell is the stuff of cynical wrestling fan fatalism. New leadership came on in August and is still in Year 1. I would be shocked if WWE sells in Vince’s lifetime. 1) Nick Khan indicated to Cowherd that Vince has no intention to sell. 2) I cannot imagine Vince doing anything else. Lay-offs, releases, & restructuring probably has more to do with Nick Khan and Kristina Salen critiquing and reshaping what George Barrios and Michelle Wilson left behind. Every few years WWE has cut employee & talent headcounts.”

“WWE had over 300 wrestlers under contract in 2020, way more than they need, for basically no reason other than to hoard them from competition. Doing so probably contributed to talent leverage in pay negotiations. New leadership might not see this approach as cost effective. If you’ve followed Vince’s career, he’s a control freak through-and-through. That tendency increased with time. I tend to believe control is priceless to him. When he’s gone, sure WWE might sell and NBCUniversal is the most obvious suitor and really the only one that makes sense.”

In short, Thurston thinks all the recent changes are perfectly natural. But looking at WWE’s track record over the years, is it really?

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