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Prince Harry has gone full “woke” in recent years since marrying Meghan Markle, but he has not forgotten his military roots. 

Harry Meets With Military Friends

A source told The Sun that before moving to California last year, Harry had a secret meeting with some military friends of his who are stationed at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s believed that he met them years ago when he took part in a helicopter gunship training at a U.S. military base in 2011 in California. 

“Harry has just been himself with them, larking around and enjoying a joke or two, like they used to,” the insider said. “He’s very down to earth with his military pals. It’s been good for Harry as it makes him feel like he’s at home when he’s with them.”

“Harry has kept in touch with them so when they knew he was moving to the States they invited him to come and see them,” the source went on to explain. “He’s made informal visits to the air base where they are and they’ve been out for drinks in their ‘down time.'”

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Harry Gives Up Military Titles

Harry had to give up his military titles when he left the royal family with Meghan, and this was reportedly not easy for him.

“I think he will be [angry and upset] knowing he no longer has his military appointments this Armed Forces Day,” royal expert Brittani Barger recently told The Daily Star of Harry. “That hurt him deeply when they were taken away from him, especially since he served in the Middle East and works so closely with the military with the Invictus Games and other events.”

Harry being stripped of his titles may have even led him to agree to do the tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

“Harry spent a decade serving in the armed forces which was pivotal in his early life and he founded the Invictus Games which is amazing,” said royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams. “We know he was angry when he lost his military links. There are rumors that the knowledge he would lose them led to the ‘bombshell’ Oprah interview.”

“It was probably inevitable after the Sandringham Agreement, but undoubtedly very sad,” he added. “However, the armed forces are proud of their special links with the Crown.”

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Harry Defying Meghan To Meet With Military Friends?

As a “woke” radical liberal from Hollywood, we can’t imagine that Meghan is the biggest fan of the military.

While we don’t agree with Harry on many things, we applaud him for refusing to submit to her and forget his own military roots.

On Dax Shepard’s podcast “Armchair Expert,” Harry said about the military, “I loved it. I loved wearing the same uniform as everybody else. I loved being treated the same. … There’s no special treatment.”

Here’s hoping that Harry keeps his military friends in his life for many years to come! 

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