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In what might be a foreshadowing of things to come, Meghan Markle’s first book failed to reach the top 200 bestseller list. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton’s photography book grabbed the second spot on the list on its second day of sales.

“The Bench” Is Based On A Poem She Wrote For Prince Harry 

Markle’s debut book is for children released today in the UK.

“The Bench” is based upon a poem she wrote for Prince Harry for his first Father’s Day.

However, it failed to even make the British bestseller list or but it’s just hit number 40 on the Amazon 200 List.

Critics added to this stinging defeat with unflattering reviews of the Duchess’s book. 

Alex Connell of The Times wrote that Markle’s book is a “self-help manual for needy parents.”

He took his disdain for the book father stating “The story [is] so lacking in action and jeopardy you half wonder if the writing job was delegated to a piece of furniture…”

As brutal as Connell’s reviews of “The Bench” is, Claire Allfree of the Telegraph’s was even worse.

She gave the book a one star review.

She wrote that Markle’s book is “semi-literate’ and writing: ‘One wonders how any publisher could have thought fit to publish this grammar-defying set of badly rhyming cod homilies, let alone think any child anywhere would want to read it. But that’s planet Sussex for you, where even the business of raising a family is all about the brand.”

“The Duchess’s first children’s book is all bland parenting ‘wisdom’ and no story – and it’s hard to imagine any child enjoying it.” Alfree also wrote. “Harry’s role in this marriage is to sit on his bench holding the baby while Meghan gets on and conquers the world.

Hypocritical Relationship With Meghan’s Father

The book is about the important bond between fathers and children.

The irony is thick though since Markle does not speak to her own father.

And, Harry’s relationship with his own father crumbled after the young prince married the actress. 

BACKSTORY: Piers Morgan Calls Out Meghan Markle For Her ‘Staggering Hypocrisy’ After She Pens Children’s Book Celebrating Fathers

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s favorability in the UK has taken a plunge from their public battles with Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family.

Markle’s failure to launch onto the bestseller list has to sting.

To make matters worse, her flop is being compared to Kate Middleton’s recent soaring success. 

The free market at work.

— Andrew Smith (@AndrewSmithClub) June 8, 2021

Kate Middleton’s Book 

On the second day of sales for the future Queen’s book “Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation,” Kate found herself at the number two spot on Amazon’s bestseller list.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s photography book was incredibly popular and in demand. 

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Maybe Meghan Markle should stick to acting… or…

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