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Comedian Katt Williams spoke out this week to claim that there actually isn’t such a thing as cancel culture. He’s the latest comedian to do give his opinion on cancel culture and the world of stand-up comedy. 

It’s curious that he doesn’t think cancel culture exists given the fact that people are being “cancelled” left and right these days for the slightest of infractions.

While appearing on an episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” host Joe Budden asked Williams, “Where do you stand on comics’ ability to be comics without judgement and repercussions from cancel culture?”

Take a look:

Williams Says ‘There’s No Cancel Culture’ 

“Some of these things are for the benefit of everything. Nobody likes the speed limit, but it’s necessary. Nobody likes the shoulder of the road, but it’s there for a reason,” replied Williams, who is promoting his upcoming movie The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2.

“My point is, [people] weren’t all that extremely funny back when they could say whatever they wanted to say,” he added, according to Variety. “At the end of the day, there’s no cancel culture. Cancellation doesn’t have its own culture.”

Not stopping there, Williams proceeded to double down by claiming that having to change one’s language to be more sensitive won’t do any damage to a comedian’s career.

He also alleged that there’s nobody who has been “cancelled” that is missed by the rest of us.

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Williams Doubles Down

The comedian reasoned:

“I don’t know what people got cancelled that we wish we had back. Who are they? It’s done for the reasons it’s done for and it helped who it helped.

If all that’s going to happen is that we have to be more sensitive in the way that we talk, isn’t that what we want anyway? I’m saying, your job as a comedian is to please the most amount of people with your art. So if you wanna offend somebody, nobody took those words away from you… But don’t call somebody this word when you know it affects all of these people.”

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William Concludes His Rant

Williams ended his rant by saying that any comedian who has a problem with cancel culture should probably choose a new career.

“If these are the confines that keep you from doing the craft God put you to, then it probably ain’t for you,” Williams said. “Growth is part of being an adult.”

To say that there is no such thing as cancel culture is truly ridiculous. And, to say that nobody who’s been canceled is actually missed is asinine. 

Williams would undoubtedly feel very differently about cancel culture if he ever ended up being targeted by it himself.

It’s all fun and games, until you end up being targeted by the mob yourself. 

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