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Cancel culture has become so powerful among the “woke” left that there are few people who are brave enough to speak out against it with a few exceptions, one of whom is Adam Carolla. Many are too afraid of being cancelled.

That’s why it came as a refreshing surprise this week when the comedian Adam Carolla spoke out to school liberals on exactly why cancel culture is both ridiculous and hypocritical. 

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Carolla Sounds Off About Progressives

Carolla told Fox News host Jesse Watters that progressives have started pushing for stuff that would have seemed “Orwellian” just a few years ago.

“Anyone who’s been alive for the last five years has learned that it’s called the progressive movement, and as I always say, it’s got progress and movement right in the title, so there is no signs of slowing down or pumping the brakes. And as we’ve seen, it just goes from one thing to the next,” Carolla said.

“Stuff that they’re pitching today would have sounded bizarre and like science fiction and Orwellian three years ago,” he added. “And they’re pitching the same stuff with a straight face.”

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Carolla went on to talk about how shocked he is that the state of California is attempting to “level the playing field” among students by getting rid of Advanced Placement (AP) math classes up until the 11th grade. 

“They’re calling math racist,” he lamented, explaining that the those who are trying to make this happen want kids to all learn at the same pace until they are 11th graders.

“Stuff like that, which would have sounded patently insane a few years ago, has now become a conversation,” Carolla said. 

Cancel Culture Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

The fed-up comedian added that cancel culture does not seem like it will be coming to an end any time soon. He points out that progressives are never actually satisfied when they get something or someone “cancelled.” Instead, they just move on to the next target. 

“I don’t think there’s any signs of them slowing down. They’ve certainly not provided any evidence that they were ever content,” he said.

“If you ever listen to someone like AOC speak, who I believe is sort of the mouthpiece for this movement, she’s never satisfied, she never pumps the brakes, she never stops, she is never satiated,” Carolla concluded. “So, why wouldn’t it keep going this direction?”

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We Need To Start Fighting Back 

Carolla completely nailed what makes cancel culture so terrifying, powerful, and insane all at once.

If we don’t find a way to start fighting back against it, progressives may succeed in turning America into their version of what they want it to be. 

Then the nightmare will really begin for the rest of us. 

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