Chicago police bodycam video

A body camera video of a police shooting highlights how quickly a situation can change for police. In this case, all it took was one second for the situation to turn dire. When confronted, a suspect fired at point blank range, wounding an officer.

While many Black Lives Matter activists are attempting to defund the police, this Chicago Police shooting shows how officers draw on their training to deal with tough situations.

Communities should want their police officers prepared with weapons and experience.

Chicago Police Responded To A ShotSpotter Alert

Chicago policemen encountered 45-year-old Bruce Lua while responding to a ShotSpotter alert. They followed him for several blocks shouting at him to stop.

Lua ignored their demands and the situation escalated.

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“Show me your hands!” one of the officers yelled at Lua.

“Get your hands out of your pocket,” a cop with a drawn gun orders. “Dude, stop … get your hands up.”

Lua then is seen on the video pulling a gun out of his pocket and shooting the officer at close range. It all happened in a split second. 

Other officers nearby immediately took aim at Lua, dropping him to the ground. One officer was struck as he returned fire. “I’m hit, I’m hit,” he can be heard yelling.

Lua attempted to play the role of the victim as he withered in pain.

“They shootin’ me,” he shouted.

Another police officer replied, “You shot at us.”

Seconds matter and in this situation, there wasn’t even one to spare. These officers relied on training and instincts. Thankfully, both officers survived.

You can watch this shocking video in the tweet below.

Officers Put Their Lives On The Line

Lua, who is a convicted felon, had an upcoming trial for misdemeanor assault at the time of the shooting.

He survived being shot and is being held on $10 million bail for attempted murder, aggravated battery, and unlawful use of a weapon charges from the police shooting.

He also is being held on $100,000 bail for his outstanding misdemeanor case. 

Chicago is being run rampant with crime. Police officers put their lives on the line every time they are on duty.

This a dangerous job and they deserve to have politicians who have their backs rather than looking to defund them. 

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