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Big Samoa Joe – NXT Update, Braun Strowman Wants Top Champion

After Takeover In Your House, we have a big Samoa Joe to NXT update. Plus, Braun Strowman has called out a major champion.

Samoa Joe might be off the main roster, but there is a big NXT update about his status. Plus, we know he has a lot of free time now that he’s been released…so Braun Strowman seemingly wants the NXT Champion. 

Big Samoa Joe – NXT Update

The most recent NXT TakeOver wrapped up, with GM William Regal speaking on the need for big changes. Is Samoa Joe to NXT Regal’s idea of a big change?

The currently former WWE Superstar was released shortly after WrestleMania…but it did not take long for there to be talk of bringing him back.

It didn’t hurt that the announce table suffered without him, but that is not why WWE may be bringing Joe back.

Many times, fans have wanted Joe (and others) back in NXT, where they felt they were better utilized.

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source: custom, Samoa Joe twitter screenshot

Are we getting our wish?

It seems Samoa Joe is headed back to NXT, but it may not be an in-ring return (at least, not yet.)

PWInsider has reported that recently, Joe was seen in the Performance Center. During those visits, no bumps were taken, but an NXT roll was discussed.

Now, it seems one was agreed to. Per the report, indications are this non-physical roll would be “Regal-esque”.

They went so far as to hint that Joe would be the favorite to replace Regal…and it’s not like we’ve never seen a GM return to the ring.

With the current NXT GM hinting at a need for big changes, it’s entirely possible that either Regal steps down…or the GM brings in some help.

So, is Samoa Joe going to NXT to be Regal’s big change? It seems probable, if not assured quite yet.

Considering that Regal’s words were the cliffhanger ending for In Your House, it would seem quite likely that we would get some follow up to that on Tuesday’s NXT show.

WWE has not announced any re-signing of Joe. According to the report, the Samoan submission specialist was also not backstage at TakeOver, so how imminent his return might be is unclear.

We could see Samoa Joe pop up this week, or it could be that Regal announces he’s stepping down, and the “search” for his replacement takes a couple weeks.

Whether Joe gets physical remains to be seen, but knowing that he could be back under the WWE umbrella is exciting. 

Braun Strowman Wants Top Champion

Yes, he was recently released from WWE, but that can’t stop Braun Strowman wanting a shot at the NXT Champion.

And, for his part, Karrion Kross seems game.

The entire exchange popped up over Twitter, and during the most recent NXT TakeOver, In Your House.

With all his newly found free time, the former Braun Strowman killed time while watching the show, supporting his girlfriend, NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez.

There was a less than pleasant exchange between Strowman and a fan, but we won’t dive into it.

What we will dive into, however, was the exchange shared by the former WWE Champion and the current NXT Champion.

braun strowman nxt champion
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Here it is, in all it’s glory:

And, the champ’s response:

Now, just a few weeks ago, this exchange could have had us thinking…hmm…future main roster dream match.

Following Strowman’s WWE exit, however, that does not seem immediately likely.

Of course, anything can happen. For instance, Aleister Black was also part of those cuts, and he might be returning to WWE soon.

Black’s other half, Zelina Vega, was also released (in 2020), and recently returned to the company-though she has not yet returned to television.

So, returns are easily something that could happen, sooner or later. 

If you need further proof of that, circle back to the top of this post!

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