Samoa Joe Rejoining WWE
Source: WrestleTalk, Twitter, Screenshot

Samoa Joe rejoining WWE, despite just being released is a strong possibility. Also, there is a date set for the next major event from Saudi Arabia. 

Is Samoa Joe Rejoining WWE?

WWE has been releasing wrestlers, backstage names and those associated with their headquarters in large numbers the last three months. One of those set of releases came right after WrestleMania 37.

Of all the names released, Samoa Joe was the biggest and also the most shocking. Now, it appears Joe is already headed back to WWE.

As of now, there has been no confirmation that Joe as re-signed. Although, there are plenty of people who think he will be back and he was recently spotted the Performance Center.

There is lots of talk that Joe’s possible return would see him back in NXT. In the latest updated, Sean Ross Sapp noted how there are several possible roles being discussed. 

Currently, Joe is still under a 90-day non-compete clause that ends around July 15. 

Before being released, Joe had been working the announce table for a year. Unfortunately, since joining the main roster, Joe suffered several injuries and he missed large chunks of in-ring time.

Still, Joe did well for himself on the main roster. Several times, he was placed in the World Championship matches; including against Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles.

If Joe does return to NXT, it will be a familiar sight. He spent around 20 months on the brand and was NXT Champion on two occasions. 

Return Date For Saudi Arabia Set

Source: Thyladerp, Twitter, Screenshot

Well, it appears WWE is heading back to Saudi Arabia before the years ends. Wrestling Club, who have broken Saudi Arabia – WWE stories, have November slated for a return.

An exact date was disclosed or what city the card will come from. Below, is the tweet, which translates to: 

The Entertainment Authority initially chooses the month of November to hold the next wrestling show in Saudi Arabia.

Because of the COVID pandemic, WWE was unable to visit the country for the last 17 months. They have a deal for 10 years with two shows per year.

Since 2018, WWE has held five cards from the country. The last one took place in February 2020 with SuperShowDown, where Goldberg defeated The Fiend to win the Universal Championship.

That show and basically the other four have ben met with mostly negative reviews. Saudi Arabia has a say in who appears, so fans often get talent well past their prime.

A great example would be Undertaker vs. Goldberg. The match bombed as Goldberg suffered a concussion and Undertaker almost broke his neck.

Also, shows from Saudi Arabia have not been met well from talent and fans. Wrestlers like John Cena and Daniel Bryan have refused to return to the Middle Eastern country. 

Fans are often upset with how Saudi Arabia treats its people. They are known to see males as superior to women, but they are supposedly trying to fix that problem.

Of course, there are other problems like the belief the Saudi Arabian government murdered a journalist. Also, there have been other claims of mistreating their citizens.