George Burns Jimmy Stewart Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts
Source: Screen captures of George Burns, Jimmy Stewart, and Lucille Ball via YouTube

George Burns had a special brand of humor. He was a master of comedy and timing. That shone through brightly in 1978 when George Burns roasted Jimmy Stewart, who was Dean Martin’s Man of the Hour. 

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts might be the best thing the ever aired on television.

They were must attend events for A-List celebrities of the day. All of the biggest stars wanted to attend. They were must see TV.

George Burns Had Trouble Roasting Jimmy Stewart

Several decades after originally airing, these rip roaring roasts are still so fun to watch as the humor held up.

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George Burns had something to say about anything, but he was having a bit of a problem during this Dean Martin Roast. It was hard to bust Jimmy Stewart’s chops.

By that time, he had been in Hollywood for 50 years without a scandal. There wasn’t much material to use to drag Stewart through the mud. 

So, Burns took aim at other celebrities in the crowd, including Dean Martin’s drinking. Dean was the perfect foil as he was drinking and his hair was disheveled. 

“The doctor gave Dean one day to stop drinking,” George Burns quipped to laughter. “Dean picked January 20, 1999.” 

Milton Berle’s Sex Life

Burns took lots of comedic jabs at other stars while giving Jimmy Stewart a bit of a pass. Milton Berle’s sex life wasn’t even off limits.

Comedy icon Lucille Ball, who sat next to Jimmy, couldn’t stop laughing. 

Ultimately, George Burns’s only fire directed at the Man of the Hour was to make fun of his wholesome character and reputation. This was back when people could take a joke and laugh at themselves, so of course Jimmy laughed at himself. 

Check out the video below for classic television humor that everyone could enjoy!

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Were Iconic

Man do I miss the days of classic comedy. The greatest of the comedy greats could make us laugh until we cried.

Of course, that was back when television was worth watching and celebrities could take a joke at their own expense.

Today’s comedy is sanitized and watered down with political correctness. 

Fans of Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts would laugh until their sides hurt.

These stars didn’t need to use vulgarity or swearing to make us laugh either! And they kept comedy politics free.

George Burns roasting Jimmy Stewart is certainly up there as far as memorable moments go.

You weren’t going to get a left-wing lecture like you get from today’s comedians. You only got laughs and some great memories!

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