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SmackDown Moving Again, WWE Interested In Superstar’s Daughter?

Lots of changes have hit WWE recently, so could SmackDown be moving again? Plus, is there interest in a former Superstar's daughter?

As crazy as it may sound, could SmackDown be moving again? Plus, is WWE interested in a former Superstar’s daughter?

SmackDown Moving Again

It’s been a busy few years for WWE, especially as it pertains to moving. So, could SmackDown move again?

could smackdown move again
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No, we aren’t talking about ThunderDome-that move would impact RAW as well.

Instead, we are focusing on the blue brand’s TV home. It was not all that long ago that the brand switched from USA to FOX.

Now, might the brand be looking for a new home? Could SmackDown move again?

Might it be? Yes…but not like it would happen tomorrow.

Clearly, the media landscape is changing. WWE is well aware of that, and in some aspects, they’ve been ahead of things.

WWE Network was ahead of the curve a couple years ago. Recently, WWE shifted the network over to NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service in a handsome deal.

Streaming is where everything is heading as more and more users cut their cable cords. While SmackDown on FOX is on an over-the-air network, it may not be for long.

Typical television deals get negotiated every few years. According to Wrestlenomics, by way of Wrestling Inc, the WWE-FOX deal should be good through at least the tail end of 2022.

However, chatty WWE exec Nick Khan (the same guy who opined that Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey returns were imminent) made some recent comments that might have something to them.

According to the analysis, don’t be shocked if SmackDown might end up exclusively on a streaming platform in a couple years.

Specifically, notable brands like Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video are getting into the live sports market. Amazon already has a deal with the NFL, for example.

So, when 2022 comes around, and it’s time to discuss a new deal for SmackDown’s TV rights…could WWE actually consider one of the streaming-only options?

To be blunt, they’d be foolish not to.

So, could SmackDown be moving? Yes.

If they do make some changes in home station, however, it would not likely happen until 2023, give or take a month.

WWE Interested In Superstar’s Daughter?

The company is getting known more and more for having multi-generational Superstars. So is WWE interested in a former Superstar’s daughter?

Well, if Santino Marella has anything to do with it…he sure hopes so.

interested in superstars daughter
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Marella posted to social media recently, working to get his daughter noticed by WWE executives.

Given Marella’s run with WWE, including several titles and many more cobras, his daughter has been around at shows and is not likely unknown.

Now, however, she’s all grown up. Santino bragged in his post that she is due to be a college graduate shortly, completing a degree in Biology.

On top of that, as should be no surprise, her dad has been training her to follow in his footsteps.

interested in superstar daughter
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There is no word yet on whether she will get a tryout with WWE. Her father is surely trying his hardest.

Of course, if she did get a tryout and land a gig with WWE, she would become another in a long line of 2nd or 3rd generation Superstars.

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